It's slightly unnerving

…thinking about the real changes we are creating here…

I’m just walking thru downtown SF where there’s a mega Starbucks or other type of coffee shop on every corner, each filled with nearly 100 young people typing away on laptops etc, just the sheer number of people,

And it really makes me stop and think that once we really unleash what the internet can be with SAFE, there’s no going back and all sorts of crazy changes will explode from everyone’s creativity just around the corner…

I’m 1,000% for it, but the world changes are gonna happen crazy fast and there’s no stopping them, not even from any government etc etc. Evolution driven purely by mass adoption / human choice.

Crazy to pause and think about


I love your enthusiasm :smiley:

I’m also very excited about the Safe network being born.

However, I don’t see what will change with Safe that will cause a boost in creativity. How do you see that happening? What’s holding back people’s creativity at the moment that will be fixed with Safe?


Many of the current systems are either incomplete or somewhat daunting for new users. SAFE aims to fix this. By providing an all in one solution, those that have hesitated in the past will likely come to the forefront of innovation. Imagine the benefits of distributed computing alone. The unlocking of new avenues of research and development makes my whole body buzz with excitement!!!

I agree, creativity won’t be directly boosted by SAFE with the exception of a few dependent concepts. It will however open many new doors, and I’m very excited to see what’s on the other side! :grinning:


Today, if you try to start a business, or app, or website, etc (I know cuz I’ve done them) you have to get “approved” (by the man lol but seriously) and submit papers etc and everything has to fit the “rules” / “laws” or they will take down your servers.

Without servers or any single point of attack, people will be able to create / do ANYTHING THEY WANT!! :smiley: apps, sites, sharing any type of data, funds, etc etc there’s no stopping people after that

But today every new business / App just gets bought out by apple / google / FB global rulers and then sold out to the govt to fit their rules. Like it or not we are not free, and that’s the reality you live in dude. Once we bust the bottleneck open, everyone’s creativity can pour out

I could talk alot more about it but I think that’s the main point here