New to this NEW safeinternet

Hi there, out of curiosity and willing to become a member of a new internet. I´m a sculptor and a mix media artist with little technical knowlegde but with a good attitude.
BUT! finding this way into the net fairly difficult and cumbersome.
Can anybody tell me WHY is it so??

be good!:frowning:


Welcome to the SAFE network community!

It’s tricky at the moment because it’s still being developed & isn’t ready for general end users, and the Alpha network is intended for developers & more techy users who are happy to jump through some hoops to try it out.

Restrictions are in place to prevent abuse / overuse before the network can handle it.

Once the network is ready, it’ll be as easy as downloading a browser, then typing in a SAFE web address.

The weekly dev updates are quite in depth, but even if you don’t read all of the detail, they’ll give you an idea of how things are progressing with the development of the network.


Thanks David:slight_smile:


Hi Etual and welcome!

It’s very good to get this kind of feedback, especially from those with little technical knowledge whom we’d like to benefit. Thank you.

What are the most challenging steps in the process for you?
Starting from the beginning, do you download the browser directly from, or otherwise?
Is the installation process easy?

At this time, as a measure to prevent our relatively fragile development network from being inundated, we have certain constraints to being able to take part in the network that won’t be there in the end product.
Those constraints are forum membership and a maximum number of data creation and manipulation events for an account.

Then there’s the signing up and login process. How do you find that?

How did you find out about this project and community? Was it through @we_advance?


Hi HunterLester, I heard about this through an interview with Max Kaiser in RT. Or maybe earlier, but it wasn´t until I reserched through youtube vids about “new projects and blockchain types” that I realized how intersting and apparently simple Maidsafe was.
then, the whole process turned out complicated and clumpsy, from a non nerd viewpoint.
You have to armour yourself with patience and a stubborn atittude while traying to figure out "what are those badges and why I need go through a very complex process without a clear step-by-step guide. (I am spaniard maybe it doesn´t help)
I downloaded the browser, but have the distinct feeling that something here is obviously wrong and nerdy, and that this project will not gain mass adoption “at all” if this procedure keeps like this.
Time is running exponentialy fast against it, and other technologies and projects will get where Maidsafe is just planing to arrive.
Maybe I am bit stupid, but I don´t see any welcoming proceeding to this platform, but THE OPPOSITE.
Anyway, I´ll stick to it a little while, cause it looks easier and less nerdy than “Blockchain” for people´s adoption, and because I wish it the best.
Sorry, if I don´t get it, but it is what looks like to me. A very frustrating proccess!

Thanks, and happy new year Hunter:slightly_smiling_face: