Is IBM's Adept a direct competition of MaidSafe?

If so, I guess that we don’t really have the luxury of time.

We never have :slight_smile: I am not sure it will be, but delighted if they get involved with resources, it would speed things up for sure.

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if IBM and Samsung are partnering, then that means that one should be approaching the other system integrators. the business units that would be of interest are the one’s that research and built products for smart devices, smart appliances, and smart cities.

Note that one could possibly also partner with other parts of Samsung and IBM. For example the Samsung SDS unit. I have some high lvl contacts at those two, and some of these others, who I have done business with before.

Some others: Honeywell, Siemens, GE, all of the major Japanese SI’s, Tata, etc.

If all else fails one would just go to the others and say that IBM and Samsung have a deal to use one’s competitor.

I would be delighted to help here, as I have plenty of contacts at many of these, but I’m afraid that people in this forum will only continue to harass me.

but I’m afraid that people in this forum will only continue to harass me.

Poor you, why should people take you serious when your responding like this? I believe you’re so much better than these childish reactions.

All they asked you is too read before asking and stop criticizing things you clearly didn’t invest enough time in to understand. Just start from scratch and there won’t be any hards feeling from anyone here, believe me.

Its comments like that that draw “harrassment” and which are impossible for mods to help you with. If you have a beef, please be specific about a post and what is wrong with it, or a series which you believe is harrassment etc.

I do look out for things getting out of hand, but let most things ride unless I think a little prod is helpful or someone complains. A complaint is the most helpful signal for me to consider acting because it is 1) less interfering on my part, 2) less likely to be about me, and 3) practical - I couldn’t moderate without community guidance and feedback if I tried.

Anyway, I welcome you coming up with suggestions for how MaidSafe could be more successful and offering to get on and see what you can do in this area. Go for it! And good luck. You may well come in for some flack, er differences of opinion, but if you believe its a good thing to do, so what. Ultimately you will have to convince the community, but you don’t need approval to explore and argue for something you believe in.


It would be great if some of these big players put some resources into Maidsafe, but I’m struggling to see what their motivation would be for doing so, when they can just keep an eye on developments.

Would it be so that they can offer systems that leverage tge benefits of Maidsafe to their clients ahead of competitors who don’t get involved as much?

What do you think the main attractions of supporting Maidsafe would be to these companies? Why might they get involved?

Remember that these companies are SIs. If they believe that such a system is what cities and municipalities, and other kinds of infrastructure management organizations are looking for then they will make the necessary investments and market those products.

They make money by putting things together for organizations who lack the capacity and capabilities to do so.

What struck me when I read over some of the doc’s that came from the IBM executive were that there is a very big issue in enabling the concept of the “internet of things”, which generally has been somewhat tied into utility type services which governments provide or highly regulate having to do with infrastructure. The executive used the analogy of a smart refrigerator and how that becomes functional and of value. Although you can take everything from sensors, to PV generation units, cars, etc.

There are many ways to look at it but from a very abstract level having p2p processes and networks best maps to what is happening today. It’s also a cost thing, there is no need to centralize data minutiae when systems can self regulate at the local level. If one thinks of for example the market for electricity at given points in time and within clusters of a distribution network where power generation is become less centralized it makes sense to have localized clustering of market activity rather than try to manage that in some artificial ad hoc manner. Such systems are more nimble and should be able to balance and react much faster than systems which we have built over the last couple hundred years. Think of how fast it would take to reroute trains versus rerouting airplanes.

It’s a very bottom up thinking rather than top down.

As yourself this “if my city council or some utility were to adopt MaidSafe what services would they use it for?”

I don’t know the answer to that at this moment.

What is going on with IBM? They show off Watson in that Jeopardy context in 2011- which was damn scary. They get a female head. They have had 9 quarters of off a cliff financial performance- to the point of recently sending threatening letters to their employees that leaked to the press. Now they are smart enough to do this. Do we already have a strong AI on an exponential ramp up? Before the Turing test passed, Stephan Hawking makes scary proclamations about AI as a threat. Elon Musk did the same. Elon says he invests just to keep an eye on the stuff but Google buys his AI firms away from him. Google also buys the top robot firms in the newest DARPA contest (things are like terminators) and pulls them out of the contest… and a few years ago I think it was some Brit ministers or elites going on about how cyber war was worse than nuclear war. At the time I thought it was them thinking them becoming poor over a virus was worse than nuclear war but now I wonder if they got some glimmering of AI’s potential and they think it will be us against Skynet soon. After seeing the DARPA terminators Google’s self driving cars are looking like robot tanks to me.

Also weird is I suspect MS may die. I see it in meltdown mode everywhere. I can’t stand the prospect of giving it money anymore and won’t willingly pay for its products- can’t be alone. What is going on?

"IBM has unveiled its proof of concept for ADEPT, a system developed in partnership with Samsung that uses elements of bitcoin’s underlying design to build a distributed network of devices – a decentralized Internet of Things.

The ADEPT concept, or Autonomous Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Telemetry, taps blockchains to provide the backbone of the system, utilizing a mix of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake to secure transactions.

IBM and Samsung chose three protocols – BitTorrent (file sharing), Ethereum (smart contracts) and TeleHash (peer-to-peer messaging) – to underpin the ADEPT concept. ADEPT was formally unveiled at CES 2015 in Las Vegas." –

TeleHash provides encrypted messaging and NAT hole punching. But can TeleHash automatically route around when direct NAT hole punching doesn’t work? I heard that MaidSafe automatically performs such automatic rerouting. And how will they deal with blockchain bloat and BitTorrent leaches? Has Ethereum solved the blockchain bloat problem? BitTorrent may be sufficient due to the exponential progress of information technology but what about encryption of the stored data?

Surprisingly, IBM’s Adept seems to be an ad hoc hack while MaidSafe looks like a more solid solution, especially for the Internet of Things (IoT).

They don’t really seem to find a solution in this first iteration and suggest it as one of the limitations of their current solution. Here is the consultation paper for those who haven’t seen it, avoiding needing an Evernote account. I’m still not sure 100% sure whether IBM genuinely see and want decentralised computing to be the IOT solution of the future. The cynical side of me thinks it’s a marketing exercise and they will still want to control everything via servers.

IBM surely knows that something like the Internet of Things will become a huge market in the near future. So, yeah, Adept may be a deliberate diversion.

@dominikz I think you should go for it. The whole world would benefit from any good mainstream or semi mainstream connection to the safe network and it in part would be thanks to you. If I remember correctly some folks on this forum weren’t harassing you but more how you went about asking for roadmap updates/progress. Hatchet buried

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