IRC bouncer for #safenetwork

The main issue people have with IRC is keeping a persistent connection. To get a persistent connection (and hide the IP) we use bouncers. I’ve set up a free one for active users on #safenetwork. If you are an active user, contact me and I’ll set up an account for you. (I don’t want to allow to many users at once to make sure the server can handle it)

I have already set this up for you but I’m paying for this myself and to keep the servers online I’m relaying on donations. Please consider sending a small amount to (1AbUoBXFbfhwy8uv5NW9Nrjs6p3UarduCc) maid or BTC every penny helps :slight_smile:


I know that @frabrunelle was talking about this.

Also, I know that we’re looking to bridge the current IRC channel with discord, through maybe kiwi IRC? I had hoped to talk to @hillbicks about this sooner or later, but it hasn’t come up yet between us.

As I understand it, these two technologies would function just fine if used together, correct?

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Yes this is basically a proxy to freenode :slight_smile:

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Thanks @geir for this, really cool to have the channel permanent. Lets hope plenty of people come there and join the party :slight_smile: