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Some questions:

Are the test networks now using Ipv6 or IPv4?

Did some research on VPN and wireguard seems to support Ipv6 compared to OpenVPN, anyone tried connecting to test nets through Ipv6 with wireguard?

The test nets using UDP instead of TCP? How does the network make sure that no packages are lost when UDP dont have package control function as TCP does?

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Testnets are on IPv4, network can run on IPv6 but currently not both at the same time.

UDP is used via QUICK


Thank god because Ipv6 seems to be a nightmare to get working in wanted ways with routers, VPN and such. Then can go with Ipv4, configure OpenVPN on the router and be happy with life.

IPv6 is not bad, it is actually easier to config than IPv4 in some things. Two main problems are people trying to force IPv4 thinking on it, and that IPv6 is still treated as second class citizen in many SOHO devices.

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As soon as most apps, hardware and so on fully supports Ipv6 then it propbably be superior straight away. Just to get away from ISP Ipv4 shared addresses through their CGNAT’s makes it superior in every way, too me.


Seem to also found the answer to the UDP question through the link, thanks again. " The second change is to use UDP rather than TCP as its basis, which does not include loss recovery. Instead, each QUIC stream is separately flow controlled and lost data is retransmitted at the level of QUIC, not UDP."


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