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On Content Addressable Storage page,

“The hash of a chunk of data serves as the XOR address on the Network where it will be stored, which in turn determines the which nodes will manage it”

should read

“The hash of a chunk of data serves as the XOR address on the Network where it will be stored, which in turn determines which nodes will manage it”

lose the last instance of “the”.

In the next para

They are expected to hold replicated a data as a condition of participating in the network and having the chance to earn.

replicated a data should simply be replicated data

Nitpicking perhaps, but I feel a slightly longer explanation would be best for

Nodes cache data when a new close node appears and they share some of their primary data store with that node.

Such that we explicitly explain (perhaps with a worked example) just how a new node with an address that is closer to one of the chunks becomes responsible for data previously looked after by the original node … I feel a diagram could be worth a thousand words here.

Also nitpicking, on the Encryption and Authentication page, consider a comma or dash between chunks and provided

The original content can be recreated from these chunks provided we have a map of where

Further down in Keeping it Simple

When content is made public its containing folder is decrypted, meaning anyone can reassemble the chunks.

Consider a comma between public and its

Lastly, should the final word not be Autonomi, rather than MaidSafe?

It does not have to be one provided by MaidSafe.


On the Self Encryption page, would a diagram of a very simple datamap be appropriate?
Or should that be a detail left for the Primer?

On MultiSig Credentials, “something you have” should be similarly italicised. (IMHO)

Also - is this the first mention of “creating a Safe”? Something which we OGs know about but is a novel concept to most .

On the Resources and Currency Supply page, I think this statement needs further explanation…

Tokens will be emitted during an upload event and become available to either the client or node operator.

How does a token become available to a client? Other than being purchased externally or as a result of an internal transfer from another client?


Fantastic. One place for docs and easy to remember the address :wink:


Two easy ones :grin: :


This is the primer now!


Seems there is some disagreement in the ranks LOL when i asked if this replaces the primer above. See

in reference to the primer still having a place


Well, this is combines the content from the primer, and the white paper, and some other elements. Primer is a subset.

If you feel there is anything specifically missing, lemmie know!


That is what I was thinking and why I asked you if the primer still had a place. But you can see the response above LOL


Does autonomi have ranks -They’re autonomous aren’t they! :rofl:


There are some sections and explainers still being written, and they will be dropped in. (e.g. emissions technicals, more on double spend protection etc) but we didn’t see any reason to hold up the rest.

Plus it’ll be great once we start to get more of the developer docs up there, and also the user facing guides too


Jim, are you able to generate static versions of this and any other Autonomi sites?

If so we should talk, if not, it might be something to aim for so they can be hosted on Autonomi.


@JimCollinson is the driver here, so go with him :slight_smile:


Hi, I noticed that docs are not linked from the project main page .