Internet kill switches

This project piqued my interest in Internet kill switches.

If we succeed and there are no more local servers needed/used with whole files and the govt says “no more Internet to the rest of the world” then what? Even if it’s only for a short amount of time, that’s still no access to anything at all.


Currently on my phone and haven’t been able to do proper research on how something like this could be carried out, so it could potentially be a non issue. I figured it would be best to get a wider opinion nonetheless.


mesh networks, protests, riots and more would ensue. Fun times ahead.


It would require meshnets set up ahead of time as a fail over in order to keep your access to your data. Maybe a use case for those weather balloon access points I saw mentioned here before.

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And perhaps have a handful of namecoins or preregister a few namecoin domains just in case.

This was my reason for editing my post. I’m not sure if they blocked dns, or ip blocks? Trunks going into the country?

“They” would be stupid not to ID (sorry, meta ID) all visitors to that Github project…


Its just like the throttling issue. The only practical solution may be getting the hardware that makes up the actual network owned by end users. But the thing is we should be there now. Almost 15 years ago MIT’s media lab was predicting mesh would make the telecoms obsolete and cut them out of the loop. But current commercial mesh has latency etc. It could be some combination of LiFi, balloons, drones (titan aerospace has some solar drones that can apparently stay up for 5 years at a time,) software radios (i.e., elements of the Pcell tech,) outer net or something more exotic. Seems like the best solution would be something homogenous like new phones that were sufficient in themselves requiring a massive leap in local compute and storage and radio quality/capacity. We need Ramez Naam’s Nexus.