Network bridges

I’ve been thinking of the chances that one network could be adopted globally. I feel as though people pick sides and maybe the best one (in my opinion maidsafe) will win. I have picked a side even though this is not a competition and perhaps having more networks is beneficial in the spirit of decentralization and redundancy. So being that I’m not quite technical enough to come up with the answer I ask those that may speculate with me, could multiple networks have bridges to communicate so innovation is not stifled by being closed off inside closed networks? How could the transfer of info still be secured? Treechains/sidechains? Probably a scalability issue there. I would love some feedback.

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Nope, just has to be MaidSafe all the way!

SAFE or bust.

I truly feel that way.

Alternate networks would just take away from this one.

But I’m just a kid

I think the safe network is a no brainier too but I’m not sure that it would be (although I’d hope) adopted for all Internet of things applications (with things like they give you this option) and the new smart grid networks. I’m probably not phrasing any of this well but this world needs all data aggregated (and anonymous imo) so we can take advantage of big data and really make this data of the human race accessible in a frictionless way. With that data we can really be seen as one global race and paint a picture of our habits and inefficiencies so we can impprove upon them to benefit this world as a whole. If we can tap into other networks, networks of any kind then we can access the data that’s necessary to get the full picture. I may be completely wrong but it crossed my mind and thought I would share.

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Gateways between networks tend to introduce vulnerabilities though. Just look at the attack vectors used against Tor. It becomes especially dangerous if connections leave the network without users being fully aware of what’s happening on a technical level and still believe themselves to be anonymous.


Very true. Maybe just an all around bad idea. The exclusivity and benefits of the network should be incentive enough to join

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^You right.