If The Internet Could be Virus Free Like Television

When I watch television, I do not have to worry about a virus taking it over when I turn it on or while it is off. Why can’t the Internet be the same way? On the Internet, we should be able to watch videos and do our activities without the hassle and worry of viruses. If we could do that, we would not have to keep buying computers every five years or less. We would not have to worry about all of the updates of browsers and new operating systems. We should be able to just buy what we need and keep it as long as we can. We should not be forced to update and buy something new when what we have is working fine. It can get pretty expensive. People do not have the money to buy all of the time. When I buy a TV, it can last for years and TV’s are still selling. The same thing can be done with computers. We need a whole new Internet alright.

If you don’t use a web browser, and do use Windows 8 or not Windows, internet TV is a nearly virus free experience.

BTW your TV can catch viruses, easily. If it has a USB or network port you’re at risk.


Television that has been here long before Internet. We didn’t even have to worry about cable back then. We just turned on the TV and boom there it was. Nobody complained about viruses in those days as far as electronics. If something went wrong with your television, it was because the tube went bad. A monitor is like a television flat screen. So they have that part for Internet. Now how can the Internet work as simple as turning it on and not worrying about anyone being able to spy and hack? Television also has remote control and menu now. They have not found a way to make the Internet a part of television as far as files and folders. Hmmm? I’m just thinking that’s all. I just wish I knew more about how things really worked. That would help a lot. Do you know what I mean?

TV is a virus, the most destructive yet known. A successful internet replacement will drive the term “TV” out of the global vocabulary.

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TV has always had propaganda - which can spread like an Internet virus. :wink:
But seriously, if you want a computer to be as safe as a TV back in the day, you have to remove all of the potentially personal or valuable data from them or completely disconnect the data storage from any radio transmitters.

A global network of computers should instead focus on creating incentives to not spread viruses in the first place. Since you can’t be 100% free from harm in a global system, it’s just a matter of focusing on a healthy balance of making it hard to execute virus propagation, decreasing the reward for success, increasing the reward for being a good actor, etc.

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