Popcorn Time on SAFE

This interests me precisely because I am most interested in communication free of dumb destructive money based manipulation. And because I want the publishing industry to outright die. And because it properly dumb pipes telecoms and destroys the anti neutrality make-censorship-pay idiocy. Also no more modal windowing or pop ups or messing with scrolling or volume or spyware.

As I understand it Popcorn time has viable search right now. It of course has no ads! And it could destroy youtube right now!!! And it should.
People can Patreon or find some other disconnected but more honest renumeration platform. People can do much better than Patreon, because its just needed to render payment- every other use of Patreon is BS- there shouldn’t be any subscriptions to itself especially not by content providers- Patreon is just a redundant host and payment processor.

So it seems what SAFE represents for me is a way to make Popcorn time even more bullet proof and expand it to swallow the bulk of content. If this can’t work then a fork of SAFE or 20 forks. Need to get to where payment for content is totally voluntary and after the fact and only what the end user deems reasonable and absolutely all risk is shifted onto the content creator and there is no possibility of enclosure.

All content can be reduced to fair use public domain where any end user contibution is just pipe priming for future works. If the rent seekers at Microsoft and Google don’t get their return on equity that is too damn bad, that is justice- the public vetoed them and their future non contributing rent seeking.


This already in development, and more. Dont worry.


@whysix Thank you. And 20 more thank you(s).


Great original post. And this is exactly why there is no advertsiment needed. It will sell itself in a matter of weeks once/if this ever starts working.


Free the people!