IETF RFC 6940 - REsource LOcation And Discovery (RELOAD) Base Protocol

I haven’t seen this mentioned in the forum.
RELOAD Base Protocol has many similarities to MaidSafe, as far as I’ve read.
I just wanted to bring it to your attention.

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From the RELOAD document:

"Instead, certificates MUST be signed by a
central enrollment authority which acts as the certificate authority
for the Overlay Instance. This authority signs each node’s
certificate. " – Ch 13.3

Does this mean a third party authority, like in SSL certificates? If so, then the SAFE network is more decentralized.

Not everything in this RFC is “good”, and MaidSafe found more elegant solutions to some problems. I didn’t finish reading, but the very formalism of the RFC is something that MaidSafe should go through if it’s meant at becoming a protocol. Which I wish.


I wrote a large comparison a few years back when this was in it’s early days. I did this for skype labs I must try and dig that out.

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