ICANN or successor likely to cancel SAFE main site domain names?

I know this will be a mute point once the network has momentum but what would be the best way to spread the network if SAFE.io and MaidSAFE.org etc. get delisted early on from naming registries and commercial search engines?

Fox News: Silk Road and the The Pirate Bay have joined Al qaeda and ISIS to launch the deceptively named blah blah blah and now a word from our sponsors Disney, Sony, FaceBook.

https://www.torproject.org/ is still up, so I wouldn’t worry about that. :wink:

True, but it is funded by the US government, and is not used to host copyrighted content. SAFE is quite different to Tor, it does much more.

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In part funded by the US government, that is true, but not solely. And I would think that their intention wasn’t something like Silk Road.

Also, I’m not sure, but my guess is that besides copyright material (which you can definitely get on the Tor network), there is also the case to be made for fake passports, counterfeit money and a lot of other stuff that I would think weighs heavier in terms of what is illegal than copyright infringement.

They might want to try and take down thepiratebay, but bittorrent.org is still up and running. This is where I see the major difference.

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@Warren Given your blatant unthinking support for Privatpirat’s idea, perhaps we shouldn’t suggest all the options and let you do the hard work, along with those other disingenuous types who would even consider such bad action. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Them that would be so stupid, would not have any valid legal basis for doing what you’ve suggested… not that the law is for everyone, of course. :expressionless:

One obvious outcome would be the Streisand effect and a clear statement then that SAFE is Good. With no sense of irony then, having done us all a favour, many other options would arise.

It’s to be expected that Fox News and other establishment reps will get confused. The default, lazy conservative perspective, will have a problem comprehending such a liberal tool as SAFE… but should we worry to correct their errors?.. They inflict themselves on us, is the only reason to worry… again a reason for SAFE, that we become more free from other’s error.

Sensible people will understand SAFE… and in time, less sensible people too… and then there’s always someone bringing up the rear.

No-one can keep a Good idea down… especially one that is of its time. Also - no-one should want to!

So, I suggest don’t speculate on such nonsense and errors that others might do. Expect the best of people widely… and be disappointed when they fall short.

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You do know how the drug trade started right? Rich land owners and aristocrats selling opiates. I wouldn’t put it past the U.S. gov’t to support something like Silk Road. If drugs are illegal that means they’re of higher financial value AND you can arrest people for possessing them. Win win for the government. Why do you think they took over Afganastan? Because 90% of what they export from there is opium and that’s where most of the world GETS their opium. Control Afganastan and you have a major strong point to control all opiate based drug trade, legal and illegal.

Afghanistan wouldn’t have actioned been for the drugs… if it was resources… and there’s a thought most wars are for resources, then it’s far more likely for the rare earth minerals… $1 Trillion Trove of Rare Minerals Revealed Under Afghanistan


And natural gas.

Right now the copyright mafia is filing half a billion remove link requests and climbing per year and Google is complying in about half the cases. They will deem SAFE as their worst ever breach and an existential threat.

Although I agree its checkmate they may think they have a chance with a hard attempt at discrediting through smear, think we may have seen some trial runs, and with a deeper attempt at delisting to stop the spread of what they percieve as terminal cancer. This breaks their gateway, gives them no recource and provides an outlet to unleash public anger. Their catalogs will be ripped and their attempts to make bad IP law worse like TPP will be nullified

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You shouldn’t play to stereotypes of best or worst. Assume anything about your enemies and you’ll likely be off target. Defaulting to the worst interpretation, is no better than suffering the same from them. There’s equally a chance that they will see sense and not attempt to interfere with what is progress. They’re not daft after all, and typically well intentioned… but then also misguided at times, for having badly set parameters. They’ve seen sense relative to Bitcoin; potentially they will see sense relative to SAFE too.

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Some have seen the light, but they have a history of not taking revenue decreases lying down.

Simple back up plan for circulation to get past the bootstrap point if they are unreasonable?

Google is not the only search engine in the world. And if it gains a reputation for censorship it’s doomed. I’d start looking for alternatives sooner rather than later.