I have a bridge to sell

Apologies to any non-native (American) English speakers - title is a reference to people who say they are selling the Brooklyn Bridge and would you like to buy?

I have a request and it could be a scam. No way to verify, only trust.

I asked to be part of the ERC20 beta and am in the process of setting up & documenting. My issue is the ridiculous fees my exchange wants in order to transfer a small amount of MAID & BTC to my new Omniwallet - $25 & $50 fees to transfer 100 Maind And $10 of BTC. So…

My ask is for ONE community member to send $10 to my Omni address and I will return $10 of MAID. Of course I could exit and laugh all the way to the er… sweet shop but hopefully someone is willing to take that risk.

Because I don’t want >1 members sending me dollars for my precious MAID, once the first person has agreed I’ll delete the next post which will contain my address.

Hopefully this doesn’t contravene board rules, if so I will happily delete.


You need to publish your bitcoin address, not the ID

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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@Dimitar now it is clear I am not a criminal mastermind, post updated.


Coinbase fee is <$2 will fund via.

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This is one of those bugbears of mine. When bitcoin mempool is low fees should also be low, but often wallets (especially exchanges) have a fixed fee that doesn’t adjust to network conditions. It’d be good for people to be able to set their fee if they want.

I’ve been wanting to create a simple web tool for crafting omni txs so the user can set their own fee etc, but there’s no omni javascript library so it’s quite hard (omniwallet seems to use omnicore on the server, not javascript on the client).

Some notes in case anyone else is interested in pursuing this (or maybe my future self)

Create raw Simple Send Omni transactions with Omni Core:


Omnilayer spec: