Where to start with app building as of today?

I only became aware of maidsafe yesterday. I have been looking for a secure p2p platform building a fairly ambitious app. I was scared I was going to have to build it myself but since this exists already, I want to contribute how I can. What is the best way to start building an app for the platform as of today? I didn’t get much from the API documentation on github which is why I am here. If working on apps is not feasible yet where do you need help on the platform? I have mostly a web developer skill set (Node/Go/Javascript/HTML/CSS/.NET). I can do C/C++ and Java as well but its not what they pay me to do. Where to start?

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Hi Vijayee wellcome,

I’m happy you found Maidsafe because it the best place to be, if your a developer.
Check out this post:

it doesn’t contain a lot of info, but you could start with testnet2, where to find that?

Ask @frabrunelle to add you to slack, that way you can talk to other devs

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Welcome @vijayee, I hope one of the MaidSafe team will be along to answer more specifically, but suggest you start with building the code and then picking something on github/maidsafe that interests you to explore and see how the MaidSafe code works.

There are quite a few app projects that you might like to browse, many just ideas, some looking for developers, some being worked on. So explore the forum a bit and hang out here while you’re getting familiar with the code.

There is some API documentation, on github I think @vtnerd [edit: not @Lee sorry] can point you to the latest. Also the Safex app code is on github being worked on by @dallyshalla if you want to see how an app is being put together. @Viv is the guy working on app sample code so look out for him too.


Hey @vijayee ,

Welcome and yes it is early stages in terms of the API usage. However with you mentioning a web dev skill set, you might be interested in also checking out This Mailing List Thread. It’s about a browser plugin integration. Would be great to have any dev input you might have on the topic (if you have previous experience working with plugins, even better :smile: )

As @happybeing mentioned you can find the NFS API docs which @vtnerd is working on Here. With MPID work going on right now and the Testnet also up soon, we should start seeing more robust API usage samples out soon.


@19eddyjohn75 I’m not sure what slack is it this: https://slack.com/ ? I’m not sure I have a good sense of what testnet2 is or how to manipulate it. I assume its the development SAFE network but I don’t want to make assumptions. Thanks for your help.

@Viv I definately have interest in making browser plugins and ongoing passion for webrtc. I’ll join this forum and try to contribute there. The routing protocol could be a good way to create webrtc signalling outside of the standard STUN/TURN (they are uber unintuitive) interfaces. It could also be something many safe apps could extend.

Yes, the SAFE slack is here Slack but you’ll need an invitation, so PM @frabrunelle and give him your email.

Testnet2 is the first public test network, so if you build the code you can join it, and use the visualiser to see the roles and activity of your nodes and any others on the network - at least while it is running. It may be up and down a lot during testing.

Yes, I’ve invited @vijayee to Slack twice already but he hasn’t accepted my invitation yet.

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