How to find other users on SAFE Network

So, when this Massive Array of Idle Disks is live hosting Secure Access For Everyone; how can we find others within the network;

Perhaps, a lounge to connect to automatically to exchange chat messages collectively;?
And that link to be shared here;

Other thought is, bring this forum live and let us connect and use our Identity and have a Claim system based on existing creds to this forum; that wouldn’t be the best option because of commercial email addresses tied to identities of the forum…

Since We would need to somehow share eachothers identity if some two people wanted to communicate;


That is app’s job to be the bridge connect or convert real world thing (like how to date stranger)to MAIDSAFE. MAIDSAFE just ensure all these APP can build on a secure and no “human intervention” (quote from systemdocs) platform.


Good points @dallyshalla. We should prepare a guide for people who really want to ensure their anonymity:

  • what it is safe to share publicly
  • what you should never share
  • what you reveal when you share X
  • safe ways to share X with someone and be sure only the recipient receives it
  • examples of unsafe ways to share X, and why they are unsafe

First step is to itemise what all the X’s we should document, and what they reveal. @dallyshalla, with all your reading are you able to run this off to give us the framework?

EDIT: I guess a guide to preserving anonymity while using SAFE would be useful, even if it mainly refers to other guides.

@happybeing I’m known to do 10,000 things at once; I have some equipment on its way, so I should be able to handle typing more and more; Though materials could be great such as,

@everyone feed me:
Cases when personal/corporate privacy is exposed,
you don’t have to read it, just read the title and if you think it’s relevant send it to over and I’ll sift through the contents

I know only from personal experience (quite some, will not go into details since such a thing should be comprehensive from all experiences) what to do what not to do and where I am in positions of hearsay, etc + imaginative planning.

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So, with TestNet 2 on the brink of deployment polished within the next couple of weeks intuited from Jira;

I’m already seeing myself integrating things like chat and email on SAFE Network;
Project SAFE slack chat is getting much more active;
Eager I imagine so many to join an autonomously anonymous network; and its chatrooms;