How is 'usage' of an app quantified for safecoin payment reward?

Any links / info would be awesome :slight_smile:

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This is a great question :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking it

Just seeing if anyone had any ideas on this?

I think the specifics of this are not yet fully considered. The implementation of safecoin will take place during test net 3 and I would anticipate that we’ll be in a better position to publish more details then. Apologies for the delay in getting back to.

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Ha, no worries on the delay! Sure you kinda have your hands full there. I reckon these incentives though are probably gonna be pretty vital to the health/success of the network so exited about seeing them well thought through.

I can’t (yet) see a way this can be truly automated without being opened to being gamed quite easily, but then again I’m far from the sharpest tool in the box so that might be worth considering too :slight_smile: I will give my $0.05 though for what it’s worth. I think some sort of game theory (which I know has varying degrees of popularity) might prove useful - i.e. the user of an app gains a reward if they agree with the general consensus as to the rating/usefulness of an app. Might prove insightful in some ways perhaps??

Trying to categorise that ‘usefulness’ will still be a bugger though. For example how would you quantify the value to humanity of angry birds Vs. a decentralised version of Skype? This problem might be a tad tricky I reckon.

It is indeed an interesting question you are bringin up.
As far as I know, for pure storage purposes, the concept at the moment is that users have to pay just to store data (PUT), while it is free to read data (GET).
I assume that app developers are supposed to get paid (in a stochastic manner) when their apps are reading data (that’s just my guess). So probably the data would we on an account associated with the app and the app has to sign something or wahtever to make the payment happen (again just my guess).
Question is: does the user have to pay any safecoin for using the app (while usually reading data is free), and if not, is the payment for the developer substracted from the farmers earnings, and if not, are extra safecoins generated for the app developer?
It sounds as if my suggestion would be easily gamable, the developer could have a botnet or similar use his app a lot (if it is free), and generate earnings for himself. So the solution probably has to look different…

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