How about a gig on Let's Talk Bitcoin?

just finished listening to the latest episode of LTB. i do really like the show but it’s been a while since i heard something about the bigger projects out there. for a while now i’m getting the feeling they are struggling for content.

that got me thinkin’: maybe a good time to get on there and talk about projectSAFE. maybe coinciding with the launch of testnet3? i’m sure Adam would be more than delighted to have you guys on again.

in april 2014 there was a segment about maidsafe on LTB, which i very much enjoyed. now is basically 1 year later, lots of progress has been made meanwhile :smile:


Good call and I agree that coinciding with test net 3 would be nice timing. In fact, once we have some even quite basic apps running on the test network, we will be more aggressive engaging with the media.