Global event to connect everybody using the safenetwork

Hi, I’m pretty new to this network and love what the safenetwork provides people - much needed, ‘normal’ internet is testing my patience with all these third parties.

WHEN the network is running, could a global connection be organised by people in different countries? I’m thinking of a 24hour event where the ‘SafeBaton’ (so to speak, I’m making this up as I type) be passed around the world with ideas for how this network will benefit each city?

I hear this would really put this technology to the test and connect the amazing people who have put so much energy into it.

It’s just a thought.


There should be some sort of a “kickoff” party. Maybe a 4 hour soiree with the maidsafe employees, a few friends, not too much alcohol, nothing too illegal. Broadcast the more G-rated parts of this party on the internet so we can participate worldwide. Then everyone connects to the network at the same time. Give out a few free safe coin to everyone who connects to the internet in the first hour. That’s what I can think of off the top of my head.

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The party could have a talent show so people can show off a little. Maybe have somebody on stilts that’s always fun. Karaoke is a good idea too. 4 hours might not be long enough.

:laughing: I want to see a list of what should be allowed…

Edit: I will be selling tickets to a skate off between David Irvine and a mystery Engglish :smile: person. Profits to the winner, who will of course donate them to the foundation, to polite applause.


Bugger that - lets just have a short list of what is NOT allowed.

Can we have a sandcastle competition in the bunkers of the 14th at Royal Troon while eccied out of our nuts?


yeah Secretariat, that’s what I’m thinking a huge KickOFF (switchON) where everyone connects to the network within a 24 hour period from where ever they are in the world. Gives rise to many possibilities, like perhaps each place launches an app, or an idea for an app - end users can be connected with app developers, have a live show and tell with commentary… and absolutely, only broadcasting the G-rated parts :slight_smile:

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Karaoke with a safenetwork song, sung whilsts on stilts? Singing from the rooftops :slight_smile:


whatever tickles Southsides’ safenetwork fancy