Getting to market first

#Being first
Satoshi released Bitcoin to the world ready to go almost, Peercoin got in on the Proof of Stake mechanism first and now Nxt and Ethereum are competing to be the first to turing completeness.

#Copy culture
One of the defining things of the crypto-coin landscape is that all these coins are being copied from each other, Litecoin copied almost all of Bitcoin, Nxt takes ideas from Peercoin, etc…

The SafeNetwork needs to start inspiring confidence and live code needs to be online yesterday. The idea of a distributed file storage running on top of Ethereum is already being planned as an app and it’s possible that Ethereum will launch with this ability. The SafeNetwork might take many months to be workable but I see problems if Ethereum gets there first.

Once the testnet (maidsafe) launches many people in the Ethereum community will look to your code and network as a base to advance their efforts. If Ethereum launches and we have not progressed to final product, we may find ourselves being copied away and left in the dust.

I feel that their is a lot of talk in this community with no code running live in the world. Ethereum has had several test networks and Nxt is already mature. How do we plan to compete?

I feel that people have a low confidence in the Maidsafe network, this can be seen in the low price of the current maidsafecoin. Is there any real progress being made? Here I see conceptual talk about a possible idea.

I really hope our network is online soon.

I agree that getting to market first can be decisive, but not in terms of the competition you list. All those are I believe based on blockchain technology, apart from being different in other ways. MaidSafe is not just different, not based on a blockchain, but potentially very much better (e.g. far more scalable and capable).

So if MaidSafe technology lives up to expectations, it won’t matter if those technologies make it to market first. Just look at SuperCalc and Lotus-123, or MySpace, or Alta-Vista and Yahoo if you want to see dominant players who lost out when a superior solution arrived.

Speed is not the most important factor for MaidSafe and SAFE network, and nor is winning. We want the best solution to the problems SAFE network is designed to tackle, and if something else is better, so be it. What matters is producing a good solution to the problem, and to do that as fast as is practical and consistent with achieving those aims.

Plenty of products have also failed through being launched before they are ready.



Concerning the non-blockchain technology, I understand it’s consensus based? So a lot of nodes that agree to accept updates about who owns what (safecoin) and where data is being stored (safenetwork).

Where is this ledger of who owns what stored?

there is no ledger. there is no centralising record. it takes some time to see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Basically a user is to only one who has enough information to solve an impossible puzzle. Your credentials provide you with an initial key that allows you to cascade through a chain of additional keys.

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