Fully cutting the cord on the Cloud?

How strong will the distributed computing power working through a system like SAFE get?

Could we cut the cord on Google Maps?

Could we bypass the cloud on the way to the IOT?

If we can get some end user owned fiber links or line of site optical could we do wider area or long distance real time MMORPH?

If I am not mistaken even the DWave is a chip, meaning it could go local. Does anyone think we are stuck with the data center and its centralization?

Is there the potential to pull the plug on the cloud or centralization business model and make it go the way of the mainframe against the PC?

What are the odds?

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We can and we should

its only data, so why not, but who pays for the satellite imaging

Still have the LAG from country to country, light only travels so fast. Need an entangled modem :scream: for instant, no lag comms

Thats a difficult one, many games will still need the centralised structure so that its fair for most. Until programmers develop algorithms that can have real time action even though the game is on multiple PCs with lags (don’t see how yet)

Not without a lot of kicking and screaming. :cold_sweat:

There are certain businesses that have to be central in order to do the things they do. More likely we will see an increase in the range of business models develop because they now can efficiently and profitably operate with SAFE supplying the comms and datastores.


Well, maybe the plug can be pulled on the cloud’s profit and capital commitments?

who pays for the satellite imaging

Elon Tusk is building satellite High speed network. I think he’s going do it in next few years.

Thats very different from providing up to date satellite imagery.
Spy satellites vs comms satellites

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The net beyond the reach of corporate and government control.

We’re going to need a lot of wifi and guerrilla LOS optical links.
All (at least initially) operating on “legal” frequency bands
Organising and funding this will be a challenge - if only to keep the libertarian children well away from it.

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Id like to see sub division developers use lifi led bulbs that link all the houses in the subdivision and the houses use a smart electrical system so that every outlet in the home then gives latency friendly wired access to that system. And of course a lifi open router in every Tesla. And also cell phones covered in the super low powe super quick lifi leds. The data lifi mode doesn’t have to be visible. And naturally all the street light. Free space line of sight optical is said to be 30% quicker than fiber, and if I remember you can get line of sight links to 8 miles before the curvature of the Earth means you need elevation.

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