FOSDEM Feb 2019. Brussels

Last call for submissions is 26 November

Call For Participation

There is a bright future ahead of us if we unite our efforts toward
decentralized services and Surveillance Self-Defense. This devroom
welcomes all technical projects and initiatives, to share their
progress and inspire others.

Presentation topics could include:

Technologies and initiatives focused on decentralization

  • Community-driven networks
  • Community based around self-hosting or local hosting
  • Self-hosting solutions
  • Ethical hosting providers / alternatives to GAFAM (Google, Apple,
    Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft)
  • Decentralized / federated network protocols and platforms
  • Decentralized / distributed instant messaging, file sharing and
    content storage

Technologies and initiatives focused on privacy

  • Anonymous overlay networks
  • Whistleblower platforms
  • Privacy oriented Operating Systems
  • Infrastructure supporting anonymous browsing
  • Operational security: how to minimize the amount of information
    someone can collect about you online and on the streets
  • Basic threat modeling: what sort of paranoia do you realistically
    need to have?
  • Steps to minimize damage in the event of a breach