Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons we need community pods

This is a disaster and shows why open source is not good enough. Open development and spreading codebase knowledge amongst many is vital.

On that note we have @benjaminbollen and @caguettaz over today for a few weeks spread over the next while to start the community spread of the code base. We have Peter Todd of bitcoin crypto fame on Sunday and Monday to. The more of this we can do the better, so any c++ coders out there, please join in. It slows us down a little, but the rewards of spreading the knowledge are just to great to miss. It will also mean more people in the community can see the level of work and testing etc. that’s done in house. Its not slow and further along than many realise :smiley:

So anyone that can help, please do, programmers, testers (most people here will do that I think), authors and all you Builders, shout and we will do our absolute utmost to make sure you have code awareness of SAFE. We are head deep in code, but if there is any help you can provide let us know, in terms of us we will be posting the weekly dev update later on again. We are using mumble now and seems to be very good in conjunction with a live google doc as an agenda and action list. We will re-instigate the weekly event soon. Its been another frantic week.


In our little ecosystem at work we had a lot of silo dev happening. It took me a while to sell the idea of paired programming. The main benefit I was selling was knowledge sharing of both the code base and specific dev specialties. We have been doing it for almost 2 years now and have seen so many benefits beyond those I was selling. At first it did slow us down, but now we have a team that is of the same mind on most things and new people get up to speed much faster than we ever could have before. Instead of my code or his code it is our code. I’m excited you are bringing the others in. I’m more than a little jealous as well :wink:

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I’m merely a C++ student programmer, though without wanting to sound arrogant, I’m one of the best of my course (computer science specialized in software engineering for embedded systems). I looked over the code of Reliable UDP and understood most of it quickly, it’s well documented and clean code. I would like to learn and help (if enterprise software development experience is not a requirement), especially if someone can suggest a part of the code or a required feature to focus on.

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Fantastic and thanks you are more than welcome to dive in and in that case ask as much as you wish from us. I will ask @prakash to post a howto help link with tasks on pivotal tracker as well. That would be great. OF course enterprise experience not necessary, we are happy to just get as many people as possible working on this code base and spreading the know how. Thanks again.

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Great! I’m looking forward to dive into this.

I was wondering, when or how can code contributors earn bounties in SafeCoin? If that’s a possibility in the near future, I could perhaps spend my summer vacation coding for MaidSafe instead of getting a job.