Failed to listen (RESOLVED)

I went through the build instructions for ubuntu 14.04. I did not get any build errors. When I run the local_network_controller, test_common, test_vault_manager, I get a boost exception “failed to listen”. I get some other errors on other tests. test_rudp and test_drive give no errors.

The local_network_controller gives me 3 options, unlike the docs that only give 2 options, the additional option is “Connect to an existing Network”. So maybe there are updates to the build instructions that are not yet documented? What information can I post to help identify the problem?

OK, so I have a new machine and I had some networking issues. They were sort of resolved by disabling ipv6. Stepping through the code, I came to the point where it was looking for ipv6 connection. A network hardware upgrade and re-enabling ipv6 did the trick.