Need help with the Local Network Setup

Greetings! I have built AllCommon submodule successfully on Win7. Now I want to set up a local network as described here. I don’t have any files/dirs named ‘local network controller’ in the build directory yet. What command should I execute now?

MSVC / XCode:    
You can build the target local_network_controller from the MaidSafe Super project's solution/xcodeproj.

How to build that?

I really would advise to wait for two weeks as all this has changed completely and will be much simpler. Vaults will auto start and create a network now, so stopping it will be hard as opposed to starting it. It also means the local network controller is deprecated.


But what if I anyway want to set up a network right now… Of course I expect the TestNet3 much, but I want to see how does the example look now… While it’s sophisticated yet

EDIT: I need only one command

There is a help interface there, but it will take a dev a few hours to talk you through it and that will slow us down, it’s hell right now to rush testnet3 up and I am being pretty stubborn not letting anyone do anything that is not strictly related to that. The exception is answering forum posts though, so it is hard for us to do too much outside get the testnet up really.

It will be worth it, I promise. You can check the visualiser and play back testnets coming up etc. but it is a bit boring and could be staged (it’s not, but not like the real thing in your hands for sure).


Alright, you’ve convinced me, sir. I look forward to testnet3 much! Good luck to you and your big team and bring us our SafeHappiness ASAP :smile:

BTW, when Mr. David Irvine answers you it’s like shaking President’s (or Prime Minister’s) hand :smile:


That’s all I saw!


To add to @DavidMtl 's comment, I immediately (perhaps over-optimistically) thought, does this mean you’re about to launch? :wink:

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Test net 3 should start in a few weeks, including proper installers.


I really need to not speak :slight_smile: Its just more pressure for the guys, we won’t be long folks, we are trying as hard as we can and the code is not complete for testnet3 never mind debugged.


Not important at all I answer, if I get my job right nobody will even know me soon, that will be the genius move, when me and any other member of the team/community become as irrelevant as each other. To stand beside friends then being equal is important and we all are, this forum has a load of folks I would love to have a pint with and ‘shoot the breeze’ it’s because we are all equally involved that makes the community special. I kinda like that, it gives me energy and keeps us all balanced. Would not be the first time folks say, get to bed you’re making no sense now :slight_smile:

There’s a Scott’s saying “we’re a Jack Thamsons bairns” and it’s true right enough. The difference being this particular bairn will get a good hiding if he does not get testnet3 up and running with frequent updates soon :smiley: