Connection errors with the Launcher

Systems: Ubuntu 14.04, Linux Mint DE (rolling release)

Hey there,

Just getting started, I was hoping to fire up the Launcher so I can start learning the API. I’m using the instructions here:

Launcher looks good, but when I try to set up a PIN, I’ve been getting errors like this:

WARN 15:01:06.019853959 [crust::bootstrap] Error connecting to bootstrap peer: Connection refused (os error 111)
WARN 15:03:13.201667650 [crust::connection] TCP direct connect failed: Connection timed out (os error 110)

Tried two systems at different times of day from different networks. Best guess is that the 100 node test network has been overwhelmed with excited supporters, but if that’s not what you’re seeing I could use a hand getting the Launcher of the ground…


You will find that that network is no longer running.

At this stage each release is a new network. Only when the network is declared live will new releases continue using the same network.

Its because the nodes do not recognise the previous release nodes.


the network you are trying to connect to does not exist anymore. The devs are testing later releases at the moment.

The dev update topics are the best source to know when we can try out the code.


Don’t you think that the Support side of the forum (the pinned topic maybe) should include this information as well as other critical details of the implementation?

I ask because, well, I do anyways…

Better to just have at the top of the dev update that the test mentioned in the update has ended. Usually its people who have just read the update and want to try it. Maybe that is something @Ross could be on top of. Just edit his post saying the test is now finished.

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Bummer about that test, but thanks.

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This is something that should be covered by the network dashboard - one place to check rather than looking through the forum. David updated on this last night: