Episodes of Bux and Jim or was that Bex and Jum

This is a wiki. Linked in the Wiki are the episodes that are on twitter. They are also being posted in discord news channel and can be downloaded from there

Pilot: WHAT DAG? WHY DAG?2024-03-13T15:28:00Z
Episode 1: Autonomous vs Autonomy2024-03-20T16:01:00Z
Episode 2: AI? It’s All Coming Together2024-03-27T17:18:00Z
Episode 3: Show me the money2024-04-03T16:29:00Z
Episode 4: Stuff you shouldn’t know!2024-04-10T15:10:00Z
Episode 5: Beta and Builders2024-04-17T15:05:00Z
Episode 6: Completely Pointless2024-04-24T19:22:00Z
Episode 7: Cloud Control2024-05-01T18:50:00Z
Episode 8: Community Matters2024-05-08T20:42:00Z

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Notes on Episode 5
Bux commented

Ps - a little clarity on my “company won’t exist” comment, by that, I mean in its current form. The network cannot/should not be owned by a for profit corporate, so at the network’s launch the shareholders of MaidSafe will receive token for their stock and the firm will be then owned by the (non profit) Swiss Foundation.


Episode 8 released - Community matters - see OP for link