Welcome Message to MaidSafe's New CEO @Bux

Dear @Bux,

On behalf of the entire Forum Community, I extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to you as our new CEO. Your arrival marks a significant moment for the Safe Network, and we are thrilled to embark on this journey under your leadership.

We are eager to collaborate with you, learn from your expertise, and work together to achieve our shared goals for world full of Privacy, Security and Freedom!


Privacy. Security. Freedom


And to any of her friends who dare entire the meme desert, great to see you here too.


welcome @Bux


Welcome @Bux


Thank you for having me :pray: You guys have been building for a really long time, and although you will know more about one another and the ‘project’ than I ever will, I am proud and humbled to add my set of skills to the team, and excited for the next chapters we have ahead - and the Privacy, Security and Freedom! that will bring to us all. :heartpulse:


From what I’ve seen so far your skills are something this project really can benefit from.

Here are a lot of idealists and excellent programmers I’d say - but we tend to get lost in idealistic details of the implementation… Instead of showing everybody out there on the street this project has something to offer for him/her… :sweat_smile: :man_shrugging:
(and then you discuss with people why they should care about privacy, decentralisation or censorship… Instead of showing the amazing things possible with safe… Even without any idealism)


@Bux In my estimation there are 2 killer Apps that will draw people in

A social media App. Not meaning that there is just one App, there maybe many variations but they all use the same data. Each person has their “account” and their data is owned by them. The various Apps read the data made public by the people, or data only shared with limited accounts. But all data owned by the account owner.

AND a media App to rival youtube
Again all media owned by the account owner and the various “youtube/audio” apps read from each account holder’s media files that they make available to the Apps and again can be limited to closed groups of friends or followers erc

Those two will bring in the people very quickly. Ma & Pa can share their home movies with their family, daughter or son can share their children’s antics with friends (or the world), everyone can store their favourite movie, video, etc for their personal/family’s viewing just as easily.

Imagine the abundant ability to share cat videos, the mind boggles with the explosion of cat videos that will come. Remember the internet officially was built for the education & government sector but secretly it was to share cat videos


@Bux Have you got your head around the fact that on Safe the “web”/Apps are running on your computer/phone. Thats it. This is why your data can be completely private since the APP is being run on your computer. Assumes good Apps of course.

You make public what you want

This aspect depends on the app, and for web apps it depends on the browser which we can only speculate about atm. I’m looking into using Servo but it is probably too big a project for me.


Which aspect and where else are the apps going to run? Saying this aspect basically did not say what part of my post was wrong and nullifies one of the main “selling” points of Safe

I’m not saying you are wrong. The ‘aspect’ is the point you make about privacy, which I take to mean apps can’t phone home. Well apps can, and web apps can if the browser allows it. But we don’t know if we have a browser.

We relied previously on Safe Browser preventing web apps phoning home, and that reputation and the ability of users to choose privacy respecting apps based on interoperability encouraging developers not to try and phone home.

Apps are far worse now, and app developers are invested in selling personal data to brokers so that is much worse. On the other hand the public are better informed and tech experts are constantly exposing the surveillance industry. Users are more aware of and clearly do - at last - value their privacy.

So things are different but I can’t say for better or worse, except that we don’t have a browser yet, and without one websites and web apps won’t exist which leaves people apps which are more likely to violate privacy.

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You agree with what I said but make out that I was wrong somehow. How is a bad app (not good app) not potentially leaking privacy?