Shareholders -“next step”

From Shareholders email sent out by CEO, is this still going ahead???

“Further details regarding the token distribution, associated tax implications, and our approach to market entry will be shared week commencing April 15, 2024 so that all shareholders have confidence in the strategy ahead of May.”

Some more info from @Bux that might help a little if you haven’t already seen it. Posted on discord

Ps - a little clarity on my “company won’t exist” comment, by that, I mean in its current form. The network cannot/should not be owned by a for profit corporate, so at the network’s launch the shareholders of MaidSafe will receive token for their stock and the firm will be then owned by the (non profit) Swiss Foundation.


Looks like the information will be shared over the weekend as nothing has been shared with shareholders this week.

I would much prefer @Bux providing what was stated would be provided as opposed to adding smiley faces and jokes on Discord. This isn’t a popularity competition.

The first of missed targets, and targets do get missed, but some form of update of the delay wouldn’t go amiss.

Hopefully this isn’t something we will see more of.


Is no one bothered about the first task the new CEO stated she would do and hasn’t?

Every Maidsafe shareholder was advised they would be given an update last week and despite the recent hype, nothing materialised.

Disappointing that not even an update with new date was given.

Not the way to run any business……

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Not the way to communicate constructive feedback…
Perhaps addressing the issue directly with - the new CEO - would yield better results. This forum typically fosters a more constructive atmosphere in my opinion



You are Sean Clerkin in disguise and I claim my £5

I think @WeeBert has a vaild point and the radio silence doesn’t help

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Maybe but surely the Autonomi network community forum is not a place to express Maidsafe shareholder grievances.

Better avenues no?


Still not sure what the problem is?

No……this is apparently read by the CEO and management level, so unsure why this wouldn’t be the domain to express an opinion.

Other shareholder issues are noted here

What do you want to know to make you less unhappy?

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Can you say what it is you want? You approach this in a demanding and potentially offensive manner as though you bought shares in people and somehow own them?

These folk are working hard for all of us and none of us have dominion over them. So in your demands for whatever it is you want, please ask yourself this question that must be important

" Are my actions moving the project forward and getting us to something we can all call success?"

Or are your actions instead, “Stop what you are doing and attend to me, we can make money later on, I need your attention right now!”

Sorry if that is blunt, but. I have spent years with folk over my shoulder poking prodding and stopping me getting the project done. Each one of them demand attention (at times 10’s of demanding emails per day) and each one of them imagine doing so somehow makes us get to success faster. It’s hard to work with.

I understand comms is important, but empty words are just that. It’s really in all our interests to speak when there is something to say as opposed to some kind of “holding pattern” and if there is nothing to say and we know folk are working to make that happen let them keep working and help, but don’t stop them unless trust has left the building and in that case you should leave with it.


@dirvine see first post.

This is what was sent to every shareholder and I suppose everyone in receipt was expecting to receive what was written……that’s all I was looking for

I got that bit, but read your next post. It’s obvious it’s from behind a keyboard :wink: I find it pretty dissapointing to read stuff from somebody who acts like that. I am sure in real life you would never dream of that language in person and I suggest you calm down to a frenzy at least.


Look, don’t come across like that to me……it wasn’t that long ago you were pleading for my money……and don’t think I’m the only one asking the exact same questions. I’m one of many.

If it wasn’t for your new CEO saying something which she hasn’t done, I wouldn’t even be on here….so if you have a gripe, speak to your new employee and tell her not to raise people hopes with promises when the information is clearly not available.

You certainly have changed as a person David…….very condescending now….maybe you should have a think how you engage with people as opposed to trying come come across with the proverbial business speak which certainly doesn’t wash with me……

Good luck etc etc.


Tell me who you are and we can chat person to person. I have zero idea who I know that speaks like this.


I’m pretty sure no one has pleading for your money and you’re here like anyone else - you saw an opportunity to make money and took a risk, which is not the same as being begged for money.

Crypto is full of bad investments and outright scammers and it’s amazing that David continues to push forward, for which he deserves respect.

Yes, mistakes have been made and will continue to be made, nobody died so let another missed deadline be our biggest problem…

Privacy. Security. Freedom


I can second that. I have not and know of nobody pleading for money for this project. In fact we have turned people down.


I’m offering 3/1 on the phrase “square go” getting uttered within the next 20 posts.

Wee Bert reminds me of a drunk staggering out of Ladbokes with a torn coupon muttering about a failed treble and corrupt referees.

Sorry Bert, but you need to work on your people skills.


I still don’t know what the problem is :joy:

He doesn’t want to wait till launch or wants something more than the SNT his shares entitle him to ?