Developers have they been threatened?

hi guys, since i start follow maisafe’s progress i always think OMG these people are going to change this F****** world !!
but i guess that there is a lot of people who havn’t no interest in these world’s changes because they don’t want freedom for everybody to keep their controls and superiority over the population. And unfortunately we all know how evil and how powerfull are these people …
So i would like to know if some members of maidsafe’s team have suffered pressures or threats and how community could help if it happens.
(sorry for my english :smile:)


Thanks for the thought, it’s re-assuring to know folk think about these issues.

We get asked a lot, but no. Personally though it does not worry me at all and I Will be vocal if threatened regardless of consequences. I do not believe in gagging orders or such and know it’s an absolute that if stopped I need to let the community know. One reason I post so much is that even my absence will be spotted, not a warrant canary but …

I really don’t fear any of that at all, I have been in very many life or death situations (and I don’t mean being in an accident,I purposefully put myself in harms way and also very real threat of life in the middle east) and after a few they are not scary so it will take quite a threat to make us scared, well me personally anyway and I know the team are not pushovers (I have tried, kidding :slight_smile: )

I feel comfortable and I am sure myself and many of the team would not be able to be compromised, I do however realise we should remove the possibility of that even making a difference though. This is critical. We in MaidSafe need to become irrelevant asap. Does not mean we don’t make profit as a business etc. (we will only make profit from value) but we cannot be able to be held against the network in any way. It’s a part of the journey we will all be happy to get beyond.


David you are a constant inspiration to us all. You are the “Braveheart” of Tech. You are the most brilliant yet generous
person I have ever met. I am inspired to be a better person and to carry the message of the SAFE Network to as many people as possible. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


David Irvine isn’t smooth jazz, David Irvine is punk rock! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: had to steal that awesome antonopolous line again and tweak it