Decrypting Amber Rudd - Aral Balkan

Aral gives a fact based rebuttal of the UK’s case for mass surveillance of the world’s population, and the dismantling of online security as made by the UK Home Secretary in a recent article. This is an excellent rebuttal and one to refer to when people argue that privacy and encryption must be compromised to protect us, because Aral shows that the reverse is true.

Note the refs to decentralisation and individual data sovereignty: the fundamental properties of SAFEnetwork :slight_smile:

Aral takes every point made by Amber Rudd (UK Home Secretary) and demolishes it, while pointing out how her demands risk not only all our privacy, but shows how these measures will destroy democracy and free speech, even though we know such surveillance is ineffective against terrorism, and that terrorism is a negligible risk - comparable to that of dying by falling out of bed.

We can no longer trust anything closed source Internet companies say about the privacy and security of their apps & services because they are being made (not asked) to silently drop end-to-end encryption by governments in the UK and elsewhere. And particularly those members of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism which includes Facebook/WhatsApp, Microsoft/Skype, Twitter and YouTube (Google/Alphabet, Inc.).

The only thing we can trust is the open source community. Many of us knew that already, but the degree to which this is true is shifting remarkably, and at great risk to all.


I agree for the most part, but there’s another part to this story as well. Systems like Android (stock version) and iOS are quite secure through protections like verified boot. Same for the Chrome browser. So because Alphabet has a lot money and resources they work hard to keep your data (and hardware) safe and secure. Same for Apple that didn’t made a iOS-version to open a terrorist his phone. But… the weird thing is, on the other hand they spy on your and sell your privacy and data to others. So these companies give us both. A very secure way to sell your privacy :roll_eyes:.