And this is why we need end to end encryption

“Among other things, the proposed law would create a process for “designated communications providers” — defined so expansively that it covers any business hosting a website — to assist intelligence and law enforcement agencies to do almost anything to give them access to encrypted communications.”

I didn’t say SAFE Network because true E2E encryption is enough, if it was guaranteed. But I don’t trust a centralized service to guarantee it :slight_smile:

I am not even sure I can trust a software released by a vendor not to phone home my private keys, unless it is compiled in front of me by a compiler that had no agenda, from source that was audited.


This part is even more complex, you need to trust the compiler, the OS, and even the chipset. I am more and more of the opinion seeing the source code is nowhere near enough as auditing even a small part of the code could take weeks and not many will do that, never mind be a trusted source for others. It is an interesting area and some moves like reproducible builds may help, but so far there is no great solution for such guarantees, beyond trusting the developer, hosting company that provides the binaries etc. The latter part should be improved by the safe network though.