The Internet Is Compromised by Claudio Guarnieri / nex (author of Detekt rootkit finder)

This is a good review of the state of internet surveillance and the many ways this has compromised security, privacy and liberty for everyone.

It reviews and summarises what we know from Snowden, and emphasises the value and role of encryption in defeating these attacks.

He points out that even a single unencrypted session is enough to compromise all your privacy, and we know that the current internet is so full of holes this is a very poor solution.

He cares a lot about this, and created the State surveillance / rootkit detection software, Detekt, recently released by Amnesty International.

So he’s a guy who it would be good to get interested.

The Internet Is Compromised


…and the mind boggles at how much currency is spent keeping it patched up and the number of jobs that rely on it.

It’s staggering to imagine how much changes with a SAFE internet in terms of the human machine running it.