Decentralized supercomputer

How does this compare to Maidsafe?

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Well its as ambitious so good start. There are a ton of questions to answer though, but I see they are in design mode and have settled on a proof of stake mechanism of sorts.

As SAFE implements distributed computation I think there may be complimentary parts here, I personally like all these projects and want to help and encourage, but it is a very hard problem to solve distributed consensus. We have a way and they will maybe require to use that or find another way. I also think snarks have a great solution to the halting problem and perhaps that is a cleaner way than paying for cycles. Great watch though, ethereum are also taking that approach so will be interesting for sure.

One to watch and be great to see a presentation q&a to ascertain the options being considered / tested etc. Truly decentralised processing will be great, truly decentralised though, probably not on a centralised data structure (blockchain) imho.

Yes, that’s what I see…loads of interesting ideas around the blockchain. Loads of talent working in an area that previously did not exist.

Once the tipping point is reached for SAFE, there’s a load of talent primed to move over…which is ideal. The rest of the blockchain crew, can work on making government accountable.


This is assuming we still have government. I mean what would be the point? With SAFE we could form distributed decentralized social safety nets, we could crowdfund any kind of community project, education would be a given, anything “government” could do SAFE could do better in a free and decentralized way. So what would be the point to keeping government around? They’re already obsolete, SAFE would just make that obvious.


Sociology. I think we are a long way from seeing any inroads to changing how our political structures interact with people. Also consider that the people vary by way of ideology greatly over even small distances in the US and otherwise. People are still easily swayed by religion, security and in many cases, people don’t have the capacity to interact with something of this nature. The difference between centralized and decentralized is not easily explained.

I think this will be a generational transition and at best we are beginning the foundation for what should be considered the only way to interact/communicate/make social decisions in the future. Exciting times. I just wish that I could write code so I wasn’t sitting on the sidelines so much.