Decentralized Internet will Save Humanity


I love that video!

He really just GETs it

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I’m seeing this as a big fail by lumping Blockchain in with SAFEnetwork…we should be pointing out this fail wherever it pops up.

The Blockchain could be thought of as a tattoo…seemed like a good idea at the time to ‘willingly’ associated you personal data with an ID…but guess what, it’s permanent.

Maidsafe is taking the revolutionary concepts behind Bitcoin and applying them to the entire internet.

  1. SAFEnetwork has nothing whatsoever to to with the revolutionary
    enslavement mechanism known as the blockchain.
  2. SAFEnetwork is not applying anything to the ‘Internet’ it is indeed
    an entirely new network.
  3. The government cannot intervene? Blockchain is public, taxes can be collected, there is an entity named Satoshi that sits on enough Bitcoins to do what to the ‘market’ ?
  4. This tech is going to defeat the government and Corporations…ha ha yeah ok…I’ll be sure to let the Bitcoin foundation know that one.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Blockchain have the same number of ‘addresses’ as IPv6? Your shiny new ‘World Citizenship ID’ can have an IP address associated with your Blockchain address…how sweet and of course plenty of addresses left over for the ‘Internet of Tracking’ (IOT)

No thanks, please do not mention Bitcoin or Blockchain in the same breath as SAFE…they have no connection whatsoever.

To be balanced, this is the view of Bitcoin from Andreas M. Antonopoulos, sourced from his new book Mastering Bitcoin

When cryptography started becoming more broadly available and understood in the
late 1980s, many researchers began trying to use cryptography to build digital curren‐

These early digital currency projects issued digital money, usually backed by a
national currency or precious metal such as gold.

Although these earlier digital currencies worked, they were centralized and, as a result,
they were easy to attack by governments and hackers. Early digital currencies used a
central clearinghouse to settle all transactions at regular intervals, just like a traditional
banking system.

Unfortunately, in most cases these nascent digital currencies were tar‐
geted by worried governments and eventually litigated out of existence.

Some failed in spectacular crashes when the parent company liquidated abruptly. To be robust against intervention by antagonists, whether legitimate governments or criminal elements, a
decentralized digital currency was needed to avoid a single point of attack.

Bitcoin is such a system, completely decentralized by design, and free of any central authority or
point of control that can be attacked or corrupted.

Bitcoin represents the culmination of decades of research in cryptography and distributed systems and includes four key innovations brought together in a unique and powerful combination.

Bitcoin consists of:

• A decentralized peer-to-peer network (the bitcoin protocol)
• A public transaction ledger (the blockchain)
• A decentralized mathematical and deterministic currency issuance (distributed
• A decentralized transaction verification system (transaction script)

Bitcoin Man


Agreeded, the blockchain is Bitcoin`s greatest feature and will ultimately will be it’s greatest down fall. I also agree the SAFE community needs to be clear that the SAFE network does not use a bockchain, but instead is truley anonomus and decentralized.


i was just searching for the same image, the child catcher character sums it up perfectly. I was looking for the same image to describe free web services


A bit harsh.

The blockchain is the first successful mechanism for achieving consensus of events, without a trusted 3rd party being involved. It is the best mechanism yet for this with a proven track record.

I agree that it has its limitations, but it can be pseudo anonymous if used carefully.

While Safecoin is far superior as digital cash on paper, it is not yet available for use. Until it is, Bitcoin is continuing to deliver utility, including tracking those maidsafecoins that many of us own.

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Maybe he’s right, let’s be nicer to BTC :3

“but it can be pseudo anonymous if used carefully.”

So it’s not anonymous then.

pseudo; not genuine; sham.
“a pseudo Georgian facade”

A worry might be that in a country where people need anonymity in a crisis, they might believe they are with Bitcoin, or some app (because of the marketing) and it ends badly. It’s a public ledger, it should be described and promoted as such, imo

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I think David described it as a ‘design pattern’ …sounds fair. The underlying tech is a

public transaction ledger

and for all things public, I reckon it could be awesome to keep governments and corporate personage honest… What I dont like is that folk are pushing it as good for Global Citizenship & BlockchainIDs (without a disclaimer that this is forever) and in the case of ethereum, punishment mechanisms utilizing disproved game theory ideas.

Do we really want a world of punishment determined by ‘smart law contracts’ with no room for forgiveness. Maybe the transhumanist of the world should line up to be first movers in these systems.


Nice analogy…just had to pay my respect…lol.
Totally agree with the rest and have the same suspicions as yourself in this regard.

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It is still the best denationalised digital currency we currently have (ignoring altcoins for the moment).

Yes, this is definitely how we should aim to use Bitcoin. The thing is, it can be used by Govt to keep the public “honest” and accountable/auditable in exactly the same ways. It has potential for good and bad uses, just like Safenet really.
My concern is that at some point in the future, Govts will be using the protocol for all electronic transactions in fiat (maybe via something Ripple-like), by arguing it will ensure Corporations are paying correct tax etc - they could easily sell this argument and it makes sense.
The potential problem as I see it, is all the other things/aspects of people’s lives that could by extension become auditable. I don’t see Safenet as having such potential for Govt mis-use. Do we need a variant/fork/bridge to Bitcoin hosted on Safenet to promote the good uses and get those uses implemented/established asap and is this something that Safex helps address/facilitate?
I don’t have a firm grasp on what is technically possible, so maybe my concerns are un-warranted?

Well right now @Al_Kafir …I find that your way too mysterious, please register with your local blockchain provider and link all your personal information for my perusal.

This is not optional.

Thank you for your enforced cooperation