Dd-WRT wifi hotspot

I had a dream that I always wanted to create a local community-isolated network, but the problem is to get the community to mesh a network together by sharing resources. My next thought was to create a single point server and have people to connect to it by providing the infrastructure, for around 3km radius.
or option2 was to just create a hotspot, but my thoughts grew as maid safe came along that we could create a mesh network cheaply and easy. But finding people willing to setup and have equipment is still a problem because no one want to that point connecting to the isp and having there bandwidth used up.

My thought is to create a paid safe network hotspot.

My list of things I need to do, I have so far.

(1) find a dd-wrt router with usb external hard drive connection available.
(2) have the user landing page have an offline download link for maid safe client
(3) I would like the safe client to be installed on my router to be directly to only the router and not my system.

(4) payment access
option one, sell prepaid time vouchers using fiat or safe coins
option two free access for 5 minutes for user to purchase safecoin to gain further access.

(5) things I have to think about, limiting broadband bandwidth.

My questions are

how would you create a safe network hotspot? or a mesh network.

or would it be better to create an offline safe mesh network isolated to local community and have a long range connection point to begin with, like the queen ant starting her colony. I am wonder if this is even possible?


Something like this:

Dragino HE is a minimal system which installed with
OpenWrt Linux system and support 150M 2.4G WiFi. It is compatible with
802.11b/g/n. HE has rich interface such as Ethernet, USB, UART and
plenty of GPIOs. HE use small outline package, it is used widely in WiFi

HÉ means “core” in Chinese. Intend of HÉ module is to be used as the core of the IoT, WiFi solution.

HE is based on Open Source OpenWrt system. User is free to modify the software for their applications.

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From memory there are are several free hotspot systems out there. One that I worked with was an ubuntu-based one called ‘easy hotspot’.

IMO, you won’t be able to install SAFEnet on a minimal OpenWrt router box though - too many software dependencies - I think you need to have a normal server running SAFEnet. If you use something like easyhotspot you should be able to use the same server - then just add a nice wifi-card to turn the whole server box into a hotspot -current ubuntu/mint have this ability built into the networking - so no extra work there.

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Are you sure about this? It won’t be a MaidSafe priority but Rust itself has support for embedded systems, so with cross-compilation if needed, I’m wondering if having adopted the “muscle” libraries might make this feasible. It wouldn’t be easy but someone might well attempt it.


For networks to scale you really need two radios, one for infrastructure mesh and one for the client devices to access the node.

Commotion wireless have cracked this using Open Wrt based firmware and can mesh on 5ghz and serve clients on 2.4Ghz: About Commotion

I’d look at these routers: http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/cat-9_TL-WDR4300.html which support the Commotion firmware and have dual radio. Not sure if they would have enough CPU to handle the Safe encryption stuff though… (Atheros AR9344@560MHz & 128MB Ram) it would be interesting if they did.

What would be really cool is if you could get 900mhz dual radio devices running the commotion firmware. As this would give better range (up to a couple of miles) and are more tolerant of Non Line of Sight applications

I only know of these 900mhz devices and they are single radio and I don’t think Commotion supports them yet, although they do support similar Ubiquity devices so it could be worth asking them. http://dl.ubnt.com/newsletters/0123a.html It looks like someone has got Open WRT running on them so it might work: #9207 (txpower may be limited to 20 dBm on Ubiquiti M900 series with regdomain=US) – OpenWrt (edit - Commotion people say it should work on that 900Mhz stuff)




By using Safe ontop of CJDNS (meshnet), it will not provide you anonymity until there is given enough fractions to not to figure out who you are. 32 nodes is a cluster. Each cluster is a dominator. The user is the nominator. 1/3 or 1 user out of 3 clusters / 96 nodes. That is difficult to figure out who provided the file. The less nodes there are, the easy to track. So this means that less than 32 nodes are not anonymous. Meshnet are often have less users. But that really doesn’t matter because of the nature of CJDNS friend to friend structure model, and encrption packet.

PS. CJDNS uses base 8 If safe can use base 8 as well, it would sync very well.

Just my .2 safecoin.

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I’m not sure about anything! :wink: just my gut feeling. Never take my word as an authority - do your own homework!

Dependencies are only needed at compile time that will build only one file like safe_vault. To run safe_vault you need nothing else except the base lib of the OS.

been looking at antenna for wifi, it looks I need to build my own 30dbi omni 360 directional antenna, I wonder if it needs a booster power source. with this I am hoping may I get 1km range.

or maybe I need one of these Ubiquiti AirMax Omni Antenna Video Review / Unboxing - YouTube

You would be better with a donut shaped transmission profile. Saves energy being wasted being sent upwards and saves supplying extra energy to those closest.

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It can also be cost effective to have a better receiving antenna. I recently ordered one to play with (not this model but looks very similar):

A long range hotspot more then 300 feet away is not feasible with the majority of people today are using weak antenna from laptops and android devices. So to explore a mesh network of community using your idea of multiple cost effective devices create a number of small hotspot maybe the best way on safe network. happy being 3km range is roughly the radius of my main town. For $300-$400 dollars would have 10 hotspots, and it could expand for people whom wanted free safe connections for people whom do not have internet connection. The benefit would be for people to get access VOIP on mobile phone connection.
The problem why mesh network have not worked in past was the difficulty and bandwidth speeds, to investigate and make investment I think would the benefit would out way the costs.
It pretty easy to say free internet offer and here is the equipment offered for as charity incentive.
With 10 people signing up would create a factor of 10 X wanting to join, I think safe mesh would quickly grow, the more nodes on the network covering 300 feet it would soon see a whole small town covered with all manner of devices.
A sneaky business could be created selling networking devices.

Also easy and cheap to find old unused wifi routers and put them into bridge mode to extend your range - most wifi routers have a bridge mode setting.

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