Credentials Security: Mycelium offline paper wallet generator

Given the potential seriousness of secure access on SAFE, we need to help users retain their credentials, and avoid them being compromised.

I’m not sure if we could co-opt a device such as this, but if nothing else it gives us ideas.

The Mycelium Paper Wallet Generator is a USB device that you plug directly into a printer to generate a paper wallet (bitcoin address plus private keys - which can be split into “two of three” key sets for added security).

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This is exactly what we need, it is missing some killer features though to be the ultimate DEVICE.
It would have been nice:

  • If a Trezor like wallet was included
  • If it has NFC/Bluetooth (nice for payment etc)
  • If the device itself could function as multisig (yeah unfortunately, you need 2 devices for a 2 out of 3)
  • If it had a mini-SIM slot (the SIM could function as sig and be kept in your mobile phone)
  • If it had indication lights (Green you received funds)
  • If it could memorise old print outs, this is only available through multsig access (so if somebody got your usb, they still can’t access the stored print outs)
  • Last but not least, would be nice if you had a full blown Tails Linux, with Maidsafe on it and the device itself serving as authentication for your Maidsafe account. Oooh keee a little James Bond feature would be, that you insert the Mini-SIM and send it a SMS to access your Maidsafe account.

Maybe the whole device should just be a conduit, so if you loose it your family/friends could bring back the piece of the puzzle together to form your account.

Yeah I know that I’m a dreamer, but maybe one day this device will be real…