SAFE Network wallet features

@nicklambert talked about hiring a company to do the SAFE Network wallet, what I wonder is how this wallet would work?

  • For instance how to backup a wallet, without downloading it to your vulnerable computer? I have an idea howto, but it’s borderline mission impossible.

  • A referral program would also help to grow the SAFE Network and might become a job for some people. It would work like this, you tell some one to install the SAFE network client/vault and start farming, as soon as they receive their first SAFEcoin they are presented with the option to send it to you because you introduce them to the SAFE Network.

  • Since SAFEcoin is like messaging, couldn’t we just message eachother SAFEcoins like so?:

  • It would also be fun if you could import privatekeys (bitcoin etc) in your wallet.

  • Something like Coinbase’s vault, basically attaching time to a transaction before it executes.

  • Of course multisig would be helpful

What feature would you want to see a SAFE Network wallet have?


Where did you hear about this @19eddyjohn75?
All I heard about was a possible new MAID wallet on clear.

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Nick talked about a wallet on

He didn’t really say what it would be all about, this post is just to explore what would be possible. This is just playing around with ideas and hope that we come up with the best ones to keep our data (SAFEcoin) safe.