Step by step get started tutorial


Is there something like a get started developing tutorial some where? Something like build instructions?

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Are you looking for APPs or the core network?

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I’m looking for the core network

There is nothing like this I can probably help with writing one


yes please. I’d like this very much asap

Well I’ll see what I can do if nothing exists. I think this is really important if you want new developers to contribute.

I am unaware of an existing document and I cannot contribute. However, If you decide to do one I can assist you with a professional looking layout

It is on the core devs to-do list, however no, one has not been written yet.

I’ve found CRUST DIY instructions & discussions - #12 by joshuef and the first link is wrong (it’s just .html not .html4), and a copy/paste of the curl line below it in Terminal returns "alert handshake failure)

Do I have to install from the link on the Rust site and the updater simply keeps me current? If that’s the case, I’ll need some help in Terminal: I’ve downloaded the .pkg (32 bit mac) and expanded it, but I don’t know what’s next.

Perhaps the first step is to work out whether I can actually run this on my PPC dual processor G5 Mac…

Ok I’ll spend some time on this. Learning rust and understanding maidsafe has been on my todo list for a while.

Can any one point me in the right direction? Is “safe_launcher” the main app and the rest crust, vault etc libraries?

Join me on freenode #maidsafe if you want to help with this

I realize now that this is not needed there are build instructions under every repository on github. The issue is more where do i start and that seems to be safe_launcher. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Edit (I seem to be wrong here, this is a library hmm)

@geir Where you start depends on what you want to do. If you want to get an idea of how things fit together I suggest trying it the instructions in the 31st August Dev Update.

The Launcher is now a service, but also the place a user will enter their credentials. Once logged in, any SAFE Apps she starts will connect to the launcher, which will check if the user is OK with them having access and then return a session key to them. (An earlier version of the launcher was an application that used to display a list of SAFE apps the user could then start, but that was mothballed a few weeks ago. Now it’s more like a service, which also handles user authentication - so it’s the only thing that sees user credentials).

The MaidSafe libraries are all fairly easy to build now - but some tests require “–features=use_mock_routing” to succeed or they will hang (though most do not). You will still need to use the “nightly” build of the Rust compiler, and make sure you have built and installed sodiumoxide (this should all be in the README on github but people often miss that details).

Most issues people hit have been asked and answered on the forum, but it’s often quicker to ask again, just give a full description of your system and the steps you carried out to help people spot if you missed something and point you in the right direction.

I’ve been trying to build the dns_example (the “Uploader”) and the safe_firefox_addon but not succeeded in building working versions yet (there is a live topic about this: Has anyone built dns_example or safe_firefox_addon?).

Shout if you get stuck - good luck.


Thanks :slight_smile: I missed the “you need nightly warning”, but figured it out when I got errors. I need to go to bed now, but I’ll continue tomorrow.

I think I’ll make a docker container so we can all “share the same build environment”

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“Bad CPU type in executable”
well, there’s my answer about PPC Macs…too bad, because there’s still plenty of life left in the late model G5s…not to mention the gaming consoles that still use them

Rust can cross compile for different architecures. I did this for ARM (Cross Compiling MaidSafe Rust Code for ARM) and it worked! I couldn’t compile all the code because of reliance on some third party code that wouldn’t build (I think), but the self_encryption example worked perfectly. This should still be feasible though, because the code that was causing a problem was scheduled to be removed - though I don’t know it that has happened. Check the topic (linked above) if you are interested.

so, if i understand correctly, rust makes crust? and maybe i should be using the x11 terminal…
This is all good info. thank you.

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