Casinos on the SAFE Network

I haven’t seen this posted yet,and I don’t know why.

Maidsafe is the perfect platform for a casino with perfect odds. Coin flips with real 50% return on flip, no rake poker. The casino makes money from watermarking the files they use,the end user gets the best possible odds to make the game function and be absolutely fair… It can’t be shut down by the existing casinos it is going to put out of business…

I know this is not the “bring the internet to the masses” vision, but the things this tech enables, the way it will disrupt “middlemen” in all forms and bring so many things that are normally stupid expensive or that expense going to a middle person, and poof. Makes them go away.


I’m not so sure. Such things are very often the knife’s edge for broad-based popularization. Even though there are some people who will morally object (not without some rationale) to this sort of thing being popular, it’ll at least be free of “organized crime” as there’s no need to bribe anyone or get tough. Nobody to bribe or get tough with so market forces will ensure the most fair app wins.

Think Satoshi’s Dice. At one time early on it accounted for a huge percentage of bitcoin transactions.

{edit: I changed the post title as MaidSafe is the company and it’s not appropriate to tie any specific activity of the network with it.}


oh i love the idea :heart_eyes: and yes after you said it i don’t understand why i didn’t see it myself :wink:

a fair casino oO … if i’d play online poker i’d definitely use this platform and no other :smiley: … hmhmmm maybe i’ll start gambling xD

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A very personal opinion from me here, but I always recall Einstein’s quote that is abrasive and disrespectful (but I agree with the sentiment).

“The lottery is a tax for fools”

I feel gambling falls into 2 main camps:

  1. Bored rich people
  2. Desperate poor people

I understand the draw, but I feel morally opposed to it and prefer to try and offer real hope. I realise I am probably in a minority and possibly calling this wrong, but I just really want to offer real hope instead of a mathematically impossible win.

I hope that such things in the future are between friends in a pub or card game and not seen as the best way out of serfdom. I know I sound self riotous here, but it’s personal, as I say.


it would be like satoshi dice but without the house winnig edge. SD took 3%, the safeino could be 100% fair odds.

Thanks for changing the title. My first thought was “Oh yeah, I should have titled it that”

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I cant say that I disagree with anything you’ve said here on a personal level - however - a casino is going to be made on this platform as it was in TOR, on top of bitcoin, when I was on the etherium forum it was kicked around there a lot (long time ago, I quit following that prolect) but the SAFE network is the only one that everyone can have a fair play at. The app wouldn’t have to take player funds to stay opperational and could allow every player equal chance with no house edge.

Like the practice or not, we’re in the process of building the ideal platform for it. :confused:


Yes I agree, it is perfect for this, I just am personalty conflicted by it, but would not stand in the way for sure. Many things will conflict us all and that is totally cool. Freedom wins every time :wink:


i see your point and i fully agree with you when it comes to the desperate poor people … and the lottery … there is a difference between lottery and poker though :wink: … (and at least it would be the first fair casino … better than nothing : )

and as long as safecoins are that cheap i maybe would fall into the first category … as long as it’s just some cents at risk i just like poker 2much to not like the idea :smiley:

ps: how about censoring the casino for everybody with less than XXXXX safecoins just-kidding


Im not for or even against casinos. I just think the potential of the safe network has more to offer than a decentralized casino. There are better apps that will be built but im sure people may build a casino but to me a casino isnt that exciting. Infinity algorithms financial exchange for derivatives sound way more interesting.


And it absolutely is more interesting… To us. It will almost certainly not be more interesting to your “mass” user though. It will be used in the apps that they use without their knowledge, it will make their experience better, but it wont draw them in. Its going to be something comparatively silly like a “fair casino”, “secure facebook”, “cheaper storage” all of which might build on that algo,and will use SAFE. But people as a whole wont care about the base, just the surface and what is has to offer.


I Agree with @dirvine & @New_Rumour

Gambling is ugly.

I’m not trying to be moral Mike here or anything, but when the people at Maidsafe are trying to build something truly revolutionary, beautiful even it seems a little de-motivating for me personally.

The project has not launched and yet others are already thinking about how they can profit from it by having a negative effect on others.

It’s sad.

TL;DR Gambling ruins lives. If you want to make money, do it by doing something good.

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Maybe your right. Apps a plenty i say. The more the merrier. Dont expect me to be gambling away my precious safecoins. I will be h
edging and speculating with them most probably.


This is an interesting idea - can you explain how the casino would make money by watermarking the files used in its operation? If there is no house edge, how does the casino make the profit? Where does the money come from - the players, obviously? And so, is it that each player pays a flat fee per hour paid, like a rake, or is it proportional to the amount wagered?

@ everyone else

I, for one, love to gamble. And the distinction between a professional gambler, a hedge fund manager, a venture capitalist, and an angel investor is really a question of what game do they play in this game of chance that is reality. Everyone is constantly making a decision about how to spend their only real currency, their time, and where to place that bet on how to best spend their time to pursue happiness.

The universe itself is probabilistic in nature, infinite numbers of dice constantly tumbling in the air and spinning, that only land when a conscious, intelligent being devises a way to measure its’ value, a theory of quantum physics that has held true with ever more precise experimental measurements. You can feel sympathy for the players, but don’t hate on the game. You’re all playing it all the time.


Well, I understand the sentiment, and again, I can’t say that I disagree. However, if gambling gets this type of response, hold on to your britches people. Technology is almost always picked up by criminals first.

“The internet is a den of thieves and pornographers”

“Tor is only used by bad people to hack things”

“bitcoin is only used to buy drugs”

SAFE network will fall into the same thing near the start. There will be objectionable porn that we can’t get rid of. There will be classified documents that some people want taken down. There will be illegal (depending on jurisdiction) casinos. There will be drugs. These will all be GREATLY outweighed in the long run by the open markets, ad free internet, secure logins, better exchanges, secure computing, secure social interactions and many many other things we can’t even think of yet… We’ll have to get through the rough patch to start with though.

The watermarking feature of SAFE (not implemented yet) will reward content creators. There is a recent thread that asks about it and is described at some length by David I. Quick search didn’t find it and I REALLY need to get to bed. But in short every time a farmer gets safecoin for serving data, the producer who watermarked that data gets ~10% of what is earned. It only makes sense, if you contribute valuable data to the network, you should be rewarded for offering what other people want to use.

If you watermark the image files used, the static text files, the executable file, etc. every time its pulled down, you can make some coin just for having produced the “valuable” data.

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Let’s have the free people actually free from judgements and prejudices. I would be interested in building some games in the network. We built some card based games for other operators before and it is intriguing to see how it works in the safe network.

Sometimes people like playing games among their friends. Hence no house really.

Other times they like to go to Las Vegas, etc. It’s a little more exciting then hanging out in your buddies garage. So people are willing to pay.

Of course, there is the issue of addiction. Not everyone has the profile of an addict. Some people are predisposed.

This is an interesting one and I think it will happen. The moral objections to my mind are along the same lines as with drink/drugs/smoking etc really I think. As an ex Croupier/Gaming Inspector I can attest to the harmful aspects, probably the most obvious thiing is, its like drinking etc, something you can become addicted to.

Totally agree with the “lottery” being that, but Casino odds are a lot nearer the actual mathematical probabilities. The games most in the Casino’s favour would be things like “BlackJack” , however Roulette only essentially has the Zero on the wheel in its favour - paying odds of 35/1 when should be 36/1 - plus all even chance bets (Black/red etc) lose half when Zero drops in. It would be interesting to see how this is “cheaper” if also paying micro-payments to access the app though, or how it compares to the Rake in Texas Hold 'Em.

I’d add
3. Addicts
4. Money Launderers
5 Money Lenders

5 prey on 2 and 3 and involve the criminal Gangs - (the Triad lenders are probably best avoided like the plague and very scary people.)
A Safe Casino could maybe clean some of this up and provide a Safer environment to gamble in possibly - similar to if drugs were legal with guaranteed purity I think. I find it an intriguing proposal though.
Interestingly, I made far more money for Casinos by being able to “section spin” on Roulette and was used to “kill” all large losing tables within minutes. Usually once I took over such a game all professional gamblers would immediately move to another table to a chorus of swearing in Chinese…lol…this is something not possible with random software
This was another common debate amongst even Casino staff as to whether it was even possible to aim the ball - trust me, if you have enough incentive and enough of an obsessive personality, then given time it is definitely possible and quite amusing to be regarded as using some super-natural ability by the very superstitious gambling community… :smiley: .


The two points you mention are the end points of a line that describes the gambling community, but in no way restricts it to two extreme categories. Myself, an amateur poker and casino player, neither rich nor poor, would like to kill some things flipping safecoins on the casino tables. If there’s no house edge and no one to have my personal details even better :smile:
Everyone should be free to do whatever it wants with his own money, hope this projects takes off on SAFE.


Can the MaidSafe protocol take coins in trustless escrow?

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Escrow and multisig, but no system yet for trustless escrow. I think that will become apparent and clear when we add compute, as contracts for trustless escrow will come from there. the machinery though is in place for escrow.