Can someone help me find my MAID?

I purchased MAIDsafecoin from livecoin, then I moved it to a BTC wallet that I generated with bitaddress. BUT im now not sure how to see my coins and check the balance. I heard to use to check balance but It says zereo.
Can someone help me see my coins? thanks

Please don’t share your publickey, it takes time before they will show up. Just be patient, it could take days even, but they’ll show up eventually.

Thank you for the reply, I removed the Public key. I was wondering about transaction time, Ill keep an eye on it.

It depend on the transaction fee that livecoin adds. it has happened in the past that it takes days. Just be patient and backup your privatekey.

Good luck and always ask if you have questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Only looks like BTC was sent. Is there a confirmation email with a confirmation link in it?

Livecoin says that the withdraw is still in progress, so it probably needs time.

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That means they have not sent it yet.

why would they have not sent it?

Most exchanges and sites go through a process.

You request the sending
They go into a “process” or “authorisation” stage
They then send it.

Some do omni coins manually OR they do a verification
If their omni-wallet node is in maintenance then it remains in “processing” till their omni node is scynced

Or a number of other internal procedures they might have

Ok I see, the transaction is probably all good though, right?

Seems to be, but I don’t know the specifics of livecoin.

If its been more than a day then find out if the maid wallet is in maintenance. If not in maintenance then contact their support.

UPDATE: Took awhile but livecoin deposited my maidsafe. I was able to check the balance with
Thanks to everyone!


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