Can one create their own Alt SAFEcoins?

I was curious, how would one go about creating special use alt coins within the SAFE network?

Can you? Seems like the SAFEcoin protocol isn’t conducive to “colored coins” or such… And since the consensus mechanism is unique to SAFE, it would probably be hard to mimic or clone.

My Daughter plays on Deviantart a lot - they have their own “points” system – I can see how SAFE could run a similar site quite nicely, but it would be helpful if it had it’s own internal currency as well… What would be the best approach within SAFE?

I have little interest in money, so haven’t given this much thought but wonder that SAFE could host a blockchain for any altcoin you might want to create. Such a coin, just needs a single point of reference. I don’t know what strain that would put on the network, if everyone using it was trying to update the blockchain… might be an interesting test of SAFE’s limits in that regard.

This question also came up in this topic. But it became a very long read :smile:

You can. This is a more recent topic asking essentially the same question:

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Handy – Sorry to duplicate…

That does look like it will work nicely.

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