Are Alt-Safecoins possible without core module modification?

Reading the recent pTp poll I saw a few people mentioning alternative Safecoins, for example:

Which got me thinking: With Safecoin being part of the core network, will third party alternative Safecoin (alt-Safecoin) spin-offs even be possible to add as easy to install/apps, or will they require core module recompiles/forks to support - analogous to how alt-coins work in the bitcoin space?

If they are easy for anyone to add, will they only be handled by nodes that have also installed them or will all nodes be required to process their transactions in some form or other?

Personally I much prefer recompiles/forks being required to support any alt-Safecoins, as it is in the Bitcoin space. Safecoin is already speculated to be too chatty for the network to allow the simple irvinoshi method of division which as far as I can see brings the biggest question mark over Safecoins long term viability. So I would not appreciate it if anyone can start using my nodes resources to also run umpteen different alt-safecoins transactions through in addition to Safecoin. Also influencing my thinking is the debate on whether alt-coins are even worth supporting at all (1, 2, 3) when they do not bring any extra technical innovation to the table.

I think the idea behind the altcoins mentioned was a way to support specific producers of content. So such altcoins would need to be hooked into specific apps/content production and generated through producing new content. That’s basically the idea.

I think it will be fairly easy to make coins on SAFE…

As such, communities could build their own “Karma” style transactions – comments could cost small amounts of coins – Upvotes pay for the refund – downvotes don’t etc.

If SAFE systematically buys the KarmaCoins at a market rate… (At a rate selected by the farmers or another individual human element) it would provide a method for content creators and community contributors to earn SAFE without just spewing it per GET or per MB which most likely would have little to do with the actual value of the content and most likely would create waste and encourage bad behavior ( Bigger files yield more chunks thus more GETs)

I’m just thinking here. If the network awarded all “Karmacoins” that is your porncoin, devcoin, medcoin, artcoin, newscoin, whatever coin, equally to everyone. So joe user gets 5 coins of each or something or whatever the amount is worth every time coins come out the dispensory from farmers. You then could trade coins you don’t want for coins you do. Don’t want porncoin but do want newscoin? Sell all your porncoin for newscoin. Want lots of porncoin but less newscoin and less artcoin? Sell thoe coins to get it. Thus the value of the coins would determine the value of the content. Conversely we could have an actual “Karmacoin” that was tradeable for all these specific content coins and all the network would need to do is dish out Karmacoins to people

Thanks for the expansion on alt-Safecoin ideas @Blindsite2k @jreighley.
Before the thread veers off topic into deeper discussion about the idea however,
I would prefer to know the answer to my question (if possible)? I suspect Alt-Safecoin support is not possible without forking the code into a new network that specifically supports them at the core…

As I understand it, Altcoins will be possible – But out of the box - SAFEcoin cannot be used as a “colored coin” that is as secure as regular safecoin… Although it may be possible to do…

See David’s comment here:

BenMS’s brainstorms below that in the thread may provide more insight as well.

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As I understand it, it should be rather easy to construct altcoins via Structured Data, similar to what is done on the Counterparty and Master/Omni protocols on the bitcoin foundation.

The difference with safecoin is that it is tied into the core functioning of the network, and thus is part of a direct value link to the network function.

Altcoins on SAFE will have to establish their own value propositions, and will have a different set of trust relationships. Think of LTBcoin. It is issued on the Counterparty protocol and is issued by the LTB network in exchange for participation in the network as a listener and to content providers (to a larger degree). The network has control of the initial supply and sets the policy for issuance. Once issued, though, the recipient has control of the token he/she receives, because ownership is transferred by cryptographic signature.

Such tokens are easy to create, but giving them value thereafter is the trick.

I believe that the same sort of tokens will be easily created on the SAFE network but again, attaching value will be the trick.

In order to have a core value link (such as resource contribution) it has to be coded a the core, like safecoin. SAFEgb has been proposed as a storage-linked token. Don’t know how much hassle it would be to institute, but that one would have to be a core function.

Others could be managed at an app level.

That’s all according to my understanding anyway.

And what about gateways to existing coins outside of safe? Are there possibilities for this?
Running an existing blockchain on safe isn’t easy I can imagine because of the pay for put feature…

Don’t know about that. Not sure why that would be desirable.

Just was considering this because I don’t think everybody wants to use the safe network and it wouldn’t need other projects to produce a ‘safe micro coin’ or something similar…

Although it would give a safe user the ability to stay on the safe network/exchange and buy sell other coins …

Vouchers are a great example of this. Supermarkets love loyalty cards, points, money off vouchers etc. Each of these could essentially be a tradable/liquid alt coins, very easily, with structured data types.

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Will alt coins be using the transaction managers (out of date?)?

Or will it use it’s own transaction manager(out of date?) inside of the data structure?