Bugs to github ok or JIRA only now?

Will you see new issues in github… or should we only post only to JIRA?

See one I created yesterday before thinking Linux build error - no rule for /src/encrypt/protoc · Issue #232 · maidsafe-archive/MaidSafe · GitHub is “Linux build error - no rule for /src/encrypt/protoc”.

Yes we see them, with the current project lasting another week we have not been looking at the issues as close as we should perhaps, but I am on the guys back non stop with the current sprint.

The problem you see is protobuf related which should have all been removed and recently was (build system is huge). By end of this week I hope that does not even matter any more. If you can loan us that time then we an sort it one way or another.

PS Just checked and Encrypt on next branch does not seem to have protobuf so perhaps you need to update/switch to next ?