Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

I’m excited for tomorrow’s dev update!

I thought I’d make this new thread, and we can share hopes and guesses about tomorrow’s update!

Also, maybe we can make this the go-to thread for these kinda guesses each week. I know I’ll be coming back to it next Monday! :slight_smile:


So anyway, back to the (coming) update at hand (12/1/15), I personally haven’t really been able to follow the cleanup github branch so I can only speculate, but I think that the team was hoping to be finished with the bugs in routing?

But I also know that’s a huge important issue not to be taken lightly, so I am not expecting everything to be 100% in just these past 7 days.

Thoughts? Github insights?


This is the link you want :slight_smile: quite a bit of surgery there, patient is now stable and off the critical list. A few more bits to squash (11 items I think it is at the moment). Anyway I don’t want to do the update here but all going well, but 5 of us are on hangout 8 hours every day and then break into our own issues to code. Lots of activity, but a huge amount of comfort now at last.


Definitely! Didn’t mean to pressure!

Just had an idea for a fun little thing for people to fire off shots-in-the-dark for fun and see who ends up being right tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue: kind of like a little game I guess


Haha, after 5 years of a Boss (lead designer/programmer) walking down the hall saying “Found the last bug” a few times a day during the debug processes,(Often I was the one who found it :stuck_out_tongue: ) I frankly don’t take shots in the dark :slight_smile:

Its kinds of speculation on how long an unknown piece of string is.

Thanks for the “pre-update”. Always good news when bugs are eliminated. You learn more about the language and program when eliminating a bug. Even if its, I won’t do that again. (until its done again :slight_smile: )


At least for me, being American, this creates a frightening feeling…yea, that is amazing news, but how am I going to pay for that? Speaking from experience as a medical provider that has worked in surgery (10+ years) and having patients on the critical list…you are already at $100-200K minimum.

Still though…I can not help but smile and wait for further news :grimacing:


Don’t you just love socialism?
Works for our NHS

Cue howls of rage from the “free-market” children on here :slight_smile:


So… where is todays update? it’s Tuesday and I don’t see a brand new dev update thread. :frowning:


Me very sad :disappointed: Seriously, I need me my weekly dev update fix… :grimacing: I’m already experiencing convulsions. What comes next wont be pretty :confounded: want honey cooombs!!! Oh wait :flushed:


I thought yesterday the dev update should have resumed as the holidays are over?


Maybe in Scotland the second week of January is still the beginning of the month? :smiley: No, I think they’re seriously having the first update of the year next week. Nick did say this though:


Ross is producing something for later. There was a load of work over the holidays by some of the team and yesterday today it’s all more hangouts. More team members getting familiar etc. All will be revealed later, I won’t steal the update again :wink:


In Ross’s update, which will hopefully be posted later today, we will detail what we are working on, how the team is split and the deliverables from these tasks. It took us quite a while to go over everything to include so this should be a fairly extensive update to kick start the New Year. As of next week, we will resume the Tuesday weekly updates.


Thank you so much for all your hard work in 2015 guys! There aren’t many people who get to say they’re working on something that could really help ‘fix’ the world with almost unbound potential (I don’t even think that’s particularly hyperbolic). I think most of us probably agree that decentralisation is the only cure for the problems created by centralised power, but not many of us are in a position to do much about it… yet. Your hard work could change all that.

I’m both jealous and grateful in equal measure… thank you all so much for ‘fighting the good fight’ and good luck in 2016!


Thanks to all the MAIDSAFE team and happy new year to you!


Guys this update will be completed and posted tomorrow - sorry!



Checking the updates for this project for almost 2 years now, I have to say I’m really excited at the prospect of seeing the SAFE network running in a short time :slightly_smiling:

SAFE 2016, people!


I’m glad people are using my thread :smiley: this is exactly the kinda stuff I intended.

Looking forward to the dev update! Was wondering if it would pop up yesterday too


Seriously! F^ck x-mass, this is where it’s at!!! This SAFE network is interfering with my concentration. An hour doesn’t go by that I don’t think about it. The world just keeps screaming at me for SAFE. From the corrupt political system to the unreliability of storage systems I use to keep my important data intact.:heart_eyes:


These are the greatest days to be living in Step by step the era of the creative is rising