Browser download for future users

Once the SAFE network picks up… Where would I download the latest safe apps?

Shouldn’t the network have the following behaviour built in?

Each browser has a menu item, that when clicked opens up a safe site that hosts the critical executable backbone apps such as the broswer in such a way that only the best and safest and genuine versions are pointed to. Something that autoconfigures, that lets users pass on the ‘seed’ to other people by just downloading executables.

If you rely on the legacy internet… :wink: What would happen in the unlikely event that all websites hosting .exe .pkg .rpm were taken down? How would people join the SAFE network?

The SAFE network should provide a way of self propergation or at least each backbone app should point to a place where you can download it’s installers - a ‘seed vault’.


I think eventually, as the Safenet becomes ubiquitous, everything you need for connecting to SAFE would just come pre-installed on your operating system.

That would make sense. And by then, we’ll have package managers that can grab and install packages that are hosted on SAFE too, so if you want a different SAFE Browser, or other SAFE-based apps, you can just install them easy peasy, with the connection being handled by the already preinstalled SAFE networking stuff.

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I would find it awesome to have some ‘source to executable’ flow where you can choose between downloading the executable produced by it’s source code straight ahead or a single click compilation container (docker/lxc) which spawns the executable or program directory and it’s checksum.

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@whiteoutmashups is going to/has been developing an App Store for the SAFEnetwork and so may others too. I’d expect that each of those “stores” will have various options and the official SAFE network download would have either a few included or a link to the APP stores.