What is the current state of Safe Browser?

A couple things here, as the network moves to Shared Node Network will there be a browser? Can the Safe Network be accessed through already existing browsers like Brave or Firefox? With other web3 products there a services called Providers which are simply companies that host nodes and provide RPC endpoints to the network. Is there an equivalent for Safe Network? What is the preferred way to connect to the network?


I think the browser can access via XOR-URL’s … Looks like there won’t be NRS (name-service) so until a third party implements a broser plugin for that you will need to bookmark XOR-URL’s for site you like.

I imagine early on there will be index sites for people to submit their XOR-site-URL’s – rather like the early days of the Internet.

I don’t know the current status of the browser itself. Probably will need some updating for libp2p? IDK.


I think, that as you can use TOR the with your browes, the same way for access to Safe Network
Plugin, or nativ part of your browser.

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