Bought some MAID on bittrex, will SAFE drop happen automatically?

Bought some MAID on bittrex, got a few questions :

  • can I hold and forget ?
  • should I move to cold wallet ?
  • I am a binance trader mostly, is bittrex ok, does it have a good rep ? can i leave my coins on the exchange ?
  • do I have to do anything extra to receive the safecoins when they drop or do i just need to hold MAID on/off the exchange ? Will the drop automagically come to my bitcoin address ?
  • are there any plans for MAID to be supported on other more common software cold wallets in the future like atomic/exodus/coinomi etc ? what about safecoin ?
  • if my wallet supports bitcoin, why can’t i just add MAID as a custom token like I can various tokens on metamask for example ?

You should never leave any significant amount of coins on any exchange. Not your keys - not your coins.


Currently yes but things may change

If you just want to hold thats safer

Fairly secure if you have 2fa enabled, as already said, you shouldn’t leave coins on an exchange.

You will need to do something, plans not finalised yet

We’re an omni asset so wallet choice is not great, we most likely won’t pay for integration as hopefully we’ll have snt soonish making those wallets unusable anyway.

Because we’re omni coin not erc.


Checkout this thread for some helpful advice: [How To]: Buy/Move/Store OMNI MAID :safe: hardware and software wallets


thank you.