BitPay attempts MaidSafe

Add TCP like delivery guarantees
Move to UDP for peer links

hmmm doesn’t MaidSafe already do those things… :slight_smile:


There’s a coindesk article about it too:

I’ve changed this to strategy because I don’t think this is very off-topic. Let me know if anyone disagrees please.

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This must be one of those off-topic threads that make it to the main course :slight_smile: lol

I thought the same when I saw the coindesk news, but it looks like they are building in a lower layer than maidsafe, enabling maidsafe-like applications to be even more secure. I dont recall reading that maidsafe is supposed to replace tcp/ip protocol, and thats what bitpay is saying.

Correct me if im wrong, but I understood like:
Bitpay: Layer3/4
Maidsafe: Layer6/7

Replacing tcp/ip is one of the many things which XOR does for the SAFE network. I don’t think thats obvious from reading the white papers, or the posts on this site (I didn’t understand it until I watched @erick’s excellent presentation).


MaidSafe: Certainly At least Layer 4.

Wikipedia: OSI Model - Layer 4 - Transport

Actually, the current implementation of the SAFE network still uses IP routing with UDP to deliver messages across the internet. rUDP is implemented on top of UDP to provide tcp-like connections between nodes that can traverse NAT routers.

The XOR network is an overlay network effectively providing another network organization on top of the IP network. I’ll clarify that in the next presentation since the flow of figures might suggest the XOR network replaces the IP routing.


Whoops! Sorry for the bad interpretation.

No worries, I recon the way it was presented could introduce confusion.

Hey I do the confusion, you do the clarity :slight_smile: Nick and I were discussing how impressive your presentation was, very well put across and it is such a large proposition to get through, again well done!