Bitcoin Segwit 2X in November of this year is a great opportunity for Maidsafe

@ Mods please do not move this thread. I think it needs a life of it’s own as it is important and has separation to the general Bitcoin discussion as it is mostly related to Maidsafe and SAFE net.

IMHO This news is huge.

There is a ton of discussion Online right now and many many nervous people. There is talk of sell-off into fiat, sell of into ALT coins, factions are further developing and truth is no one really knows what will happen going forward.

And all of this has come out because of Bitcoin’s scaling problems.

The opportunity for Maidsafe’s SAFE net right now is better then it has ever been in my opinion.

Because the discussion in all of the right communities right now and up until November is related to some of the problems that SAFE net solves and people right now are looking for these solutions and answers.

And what better group of people do we have to cater for?

This is a golden opportunity.

Please discuss.


And now even more to it.