Beta vs Launch?

I’ve looked up the definition of Beta and am a bit confused about the plans for launch of the network. We seem to be using “Beta” as synonymous with “Launch” regarding the SAFE network.

What we’re talking about for TestNet 3 sounds more like what would traditionally be referred to as Beta, which would be followed by a Release Candidate. What we’re calling Beta seems to be referred to interchangeably with Launch.

I’m confused. Can anyone help make sense of this for me?


My understanding is: Testnet3 is pre-beta and once working satisfactorily will become the beta/launch.


I think is because maidsafe the company are perfectionists and plan tweaking a lot even after launch.
This includes ability for search engines so it’s not really complete without things such as this. I see what you’re saying though. Almost like the beta melds into launch really, prolly to make tweaks while seeing how this works in the wild



So if I understand correctly, what we’re talking about is that usual nomenclature doesn’t quite fit the needed arc of the process to launch SAFE.

Beta and Launch can’t really be separated because of the nature of what’s being done? After all it’s not like another version of Windows or OS X.

Since the SAFE network is designed to be autonomous, it’s more like Beta is when the SAFE network will be born, and it’ll take a little more to get it to maturity.


It’s a shame that the SAFE Network can’t just spring full grown out of the brow of David Irvine, like Venus did from the brow of Jove. :wink:


The last company I worked for launched v1 as a beta. I don’t think it’s that uncommon of a practice today.